Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Planet Muff-Up on io9

io9 is a website with the motto:  we come from the future.  Lol!

They love planets but do not yet understand what most people may take for granted in the future:

A planet is a star and a star is a planet.  

Today they post this beautiful picture of a star cluster:

And the title of the little feature is called:

Planets can form and survive in insanely dense star clusters

You think?  Planets are old stars.  So of course a planet can form and survive in insanely dense star clusters.   Most of the stars in the cluster are transitioning to planets.  The planets they found in NGC-6811 are older stars which were in existence prior to the emergence of the new stars.  They either migrated into the cluster or were present in that region when the new stars burst forth.  And I am sure that there are many old stars (planets) packed into this region since matter, i.e. the network of atoms is very old:  older than 13.8 billion  years.  

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