Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Bang Contradictions

No Jew or Christian in his right mind can hold to the Big Bang. It is chalk full of philosophical and mathematical contradictions. It is a myth.

An expert weighs in on Big Bang from a Mathematical viewpoint:

Einstein’s field equations couple the gravitational field to its sources. The gravitational field is described by the curvature of spacetime. And that’s embodied in a mathematical entity that is called the Einstein tensor.  The matter that causes this gravitational field is described by the Energy Momentum Tensor. So that is on the right side of Einstein’s equation and on the left side we have Einstein’s Tensor. Now in the case of a black hole the relativists set the Energy Momentum tensor to zero. So Einstein’s tensor is reduced to Ricci’s Tensor and that becomes zero. The left side of this describes the gravitational field outside a body such as a black hole. Now what causes the gravitational field outside the black hole? Well the mass of the black hole is the source of the field. So on one hand the source is present. On the other hand the source is not present. It’s a contradiction. This is amplified by another fact that in the case of the so-called Schwarzchild Spacetime or black hole the Energy Momentum tensor is zero, but the relativists maintain that a source is present. That’s the source that causes the gravitational field outside their body. In the very same situation they have a spacetime called De Sitter Spacetime which is a cosmological solution and the Energy Momentum Tensor is there. Its called De Sitter’s empty world because there are no sources. So on the one hand we have the Energy Momentum tensor zero and it’s associated with a source but on the other hand an Energy Momentum Tensor is zero and it has association with no sources . . . an empty world! This is a contradiction! And so it doesn’t halt.
Now this is very important because it has a bearing on the Big-Bang cosmology. Since Schwarzchild’s Spacetime does not contain any matter and really doesn’t have any sources it’s a spacetime that contains no matter at all and so its not a generalization of special relativity, it is only a generalization of the geometry of Minkowski Spacetime. And so it can’t serve as a basis for Einstein’s gravitational field despite what the relativists claim. Now there is an upshot from this which is very important because since the Energy Momentum tensor cannot be zero, to describe a gravitational field in accordance with Einstein’s theory, since the gravitational field is coupled to its sources by his equations; his equations reduce to an identity with zero. This means that the total energy of his gravitational field is zero. Consequently it is impossible to localize gravitational energy, so that means there are no Einstein gravitational waves. The Energy Momentum Tensor and Einstein’s tensor must vanish identically. And this means that Einstein’s field equations violate the usual conservation of energy momentum. And that puts them in direct conflict with the experimental evidence on a deeper level. So on that basis the Einstein field equations must be invalid. Now since the Big-Bang is allegedly derived from Einstein’s field equations the Big-Bang cosmology is fallacious because the Einstein field equations are fallacious. (Stephen Crothers)

Einstein, himself, doubted his field concept could resolve to reality.  

Matter did not self assemble from space, and space is not expanding/accelerating. No way in hell. God delivered matter, suddenly, as a complete stimulated network of atoms. And He guided this network into the first complex physical structures, perhaps quasars.

Creation ex nihilo is a supernatural event. It cannot be scientifically explained or mathematically described. It is a miracle. No human person was there to see it. It cannot be validated by anyone other than God who wrought other miracles, revealing Himself to the Jews and Christians. A science or philosophy cannot validate creation ex nihilo.  Instead the Jews and Christians have passed the knowledge of what God did and what God said via the sacred authors down in a line to the present generation. This is called the transmission of Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture:

From the Psalms:

{144:4} Generation after generation will praise your works, and they will declare your power.
{144:5} They will tell of the magnificent glory of your sanctity. And they will discourse of your wonders.
{144:6} And they will talk about the virtue of your terrible acts. And they will describe your greatness.
{144:7} They will shout about the memory of your abundant sweetness. And they will exult in your justice.

{77:2} I will open my mouth in parables. I will speak about concepts that are from the beginning.
{77:3} We have heard and known such great things, as our fathers have described to us.
{77:4} These things have not been hidden from their sons in any generation: declaring the praises of the Lord, and his virtues, and the wonders that he has done.

God will also validate the miracle of creation ex nihilo by new miracles which He will work during the Tribulation which culminates in the Return of Jesus. From Isaiah:

{43:19} Behold, I am accomplishing new things. And presently, they will spring forth. With certainty, you will know them. I will make a way in the desert, and rivers in an impassible place.

Faith is the evidence of things not apparent.
And blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.

We have to stop stripping God of His glory.  Simple faith in creation ex nihilo is sufficient.  This could be supported by some clarifications from the spiritual authority.  In other words Roman Catholics need some clarifications on a creation model.  The Big-Bang does not equate to creation ex nihilo.  The Big Bang equates to a circle of philosophical and mathematical non-sense.  

Yes science is good and useful, but at certain junctures it falls short of explaining things. Why defend a silly cosmological model in favor of creation ex nihilo? Does God need us to validate one of his greatest works?  He validates it Himself via the Resurrection, the Exodus and many other things He has done and will do.

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