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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

    Image credit:  Planck Satellite/ESA

The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB) is not some ghost 'radiation' from the Big-Bang. Light is a rotating signal transmitted from a physical object to a physical object via a mediator. A mediator is a physical object which communicates a phenomenon from one object to another object. A phenomenon is a dynamic relation of objects mediated by objects.

The CMB implies a source object. What is the source of the CMB? What source sent the light information 13.8 billion years ago? The source is not merely the decoupling of photons from hydrogen atoms for the photons are postulated to have actually converted into the protons, neutrons and electrons of the hydrogen/helium atoms themselves!!! Like a miracle.  

Is the source of the CMB God? Science cannot invoke the name of God, since it's field is limited to explaining natural objects and the cause of their phenomena. I can invoke the name of God as a source when I do theology, but physicists cannot invoke God as a source since they are limited to the explanation of natural physical objects and their relations.

Can the source of the CMB radiation be the abrupt appearance of spacetime? No. Spacetime is a sheer concept.  It is not an object. Spacetime has no ability to send light signals. It cannot be a source of light. 

Could the source of the CMB be energy? No. Like spacetime, energy is a concept. It is not an object. It is atoms associated by the square root of light's velocity. Atoms send light signals to all others and all others send light signals to them. Energy cannot communicate light.  It is a concept which always implies existing atoms and their mediators.  But in the Big Bang Theory matter comes from the CMB light.  The CMB light precedes the energy concept itself and thus matter itself!  Thus energy cannot be the source object of the CMB light.  And you cannot have energy converting into matter since this would equate both sides of the equation.  Energy cannot create matter, since the matter is implied in energy.  Matter does not self-create itself.  It exists prior to the concept called energy.         

So what is the source of the CMB? A zero dimensional dot? No, not an object. Dots are conceptual, and there is not such thing as zero dimension.  Not in the real world. A singularity? Singularities are mathematical concepts and not even good ones at that since they imply a zero = zero. Singularities quite really resolve to nothing. They cannot signal light.

Could the Big-Bang itself be the source of the light? No. The Big-Bang is a dynamic concept which the International Astronomical Union admittedly has no definition of. They do not even know what objects and relations they are studying at the very beginning.  They have no source object for the light.  

They have also misapplied the cosmological principle. The cosmological principle can only be understood in the context of all atoms interacting with all other atoms always. That is your symmetry and nothing else.  Other than this God shapes the network of atoms asymmetrically as is clear with observation.  The cosmological principle has no use anymore.  We have outgrown it!  

Only objects can signal and mediate light. 

Light is not a discrete particle. The universe is not filled up with discrete particles called photons. How could discrete particles travel rectilinearly (straight) for 13.8 billion years? Even more how can a discrete particle stretch with an expanding space? The establishment answers because light is a wave. If so when it is a wave and when is it a discrete particle? Is it a discrete particle 13.8 billion years ago, then a wave for 13.8 billion years but then a discrete particle again when it interacts with the Planck Telescope? They have no rational explanations.

Natural light is a signal conveyed from an atom down a physical electromagnetic mediator to another atom. All atoms are indissolubly connected to all others atoms, via a physical 3D mediator, a twined electromagnetic entity. Onto-logically, it can be no other way. An atom is a spool of gazillions of electromagnetic threads extending to all other atoms.  

The miracle of matter's creation ex nihilo is that God created a single complete whole network of atoms, suddenly, and stimulated upon their abrupt arrival. God miraculously delivered matter from nothing as a single complete whole and indissoluble network of atoms. Saint Basil, amazingly, as if inspired by the Spirit, puts it this way:

He [God] welded all the diverse parts of the universe by links of indissoluble attachment and established between them so perfect a fellowship and harmony that the most distant, in spite of their distance, appeared united in one universal sympathy. (Hexaemeron Homilies)

Matter is a symphony of atoms.  The atoms are linked to all other atoms via a physical mediator inherent to all atoms and this is how they relate and remain in harmony. They are bound in a most thorough connection one to all others.  The motion of a single atom affects all other atoms, even the most distant. Nothing dissolves the DNA-like links between the atoms. From arrival they are attached even forever. At the consummation God will miraculously dissolve the elements, but not the network of simple atoms (expressed as hydrogen). Then God will miraculously reconfigure the network of atoms into new objects.

The background radiation is simply the light signalling from all atoms to all other atoms in the universe. The physicist Gaede has the mediators postulated as a Electromagnetic ropes. His hypothesis 'predicts' the background radiation (although I dare say he hates the word predict used in a scientific context). He explains the background radiation this way:

This phenomenon we call “Background Radiation” is the product of all the atoms in the Universe “Quantum-Jumping” and torquing the EM ropes interconnecting them. This propagates EM torsion-wave light signals between all the EM ropes. We detect this effect term it: EM radiation! An atom sends an EM torsion-wave signal to all the receiving atoms in the Universe, which in turn, re-transmit the signal (albeit, somewhat dampened by the atoms) back to the sender and to all other atoms in the Universe. This Ping-Pong effect of EM torsion-waves also provides us with a physical explanation for the Principle of Ray Reversibility (PRR) of light. It also explains all the radio phenomena, quantum entanglement, polarization and slit-experiments without contradictions.
Again, since the majority of these cosmic EM torsion-wave frequencies (Background Radiation) are beyond the visible response of our petty retinas, it doesn’t mean that they magically come from an alleged Big Bang Creation. Atoms are in perpetual motion and incessantly Quantum Jump; sending EM torsion-waves between them. Atomic motion is eternal, that’s why we have an EM light spectrum…not because of a Big Bang. (From Olber's Paradox: Explaining the Dark Night Sky)

and in another place Gaede puts it:

For decades the mathematicians have been investigating the CMB. They claim the Big-Bang released radiation which pervades all regions of space in the form of particles they call photons. “There are 550 million photons in every cubic meter of space. . . the universe consists almost entirely of microwave photons." (Universe, William Kaufmann). To them, space itself is a medium, a bag or an ocean of sorts that is encapsulated and contoured by who knows what. EM rope hypothesis predicts the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. All the ropes extending to atoms through neutrons fill the regions between planets, stars and gases. It is this so called background radiation that our technology allows us to detect. Thus because of their irrational insistence on particles the mathematicians erroneously concluded that the NASA’s Gravity Probe B drags space itself around when in fact it is this vibrating mesh of ropes which composes the background the mathematical world confuses with space. (The Neutron, Part Two)

God made matter very good and beautiful and an astonishing symphony all on His own without the Big-Bang!!!

The light of Genesis 1:3 does not represent the Big-Bang light!  No, no, no.  Nor does it represent stars and galaxies.  Nor does it represent the Angels or the light from the Sun.  Nor does it label light itself, that is the atomic shells pumping torsion signals to each other via the EM mediators.  

Instead, God wrought a great miracle on Earth.  God, as if a star, signaled a miraculous light to the Earth.  This light is distinct and yet not unlike the fire God will send at the consummation (2 Peter 3:10-12).  The light was miraculously communicated from God, in His Sphere called Heaven, to the Earth via the Holy Spirit.  The miraculous light was supernatural.  The miraculous light transfigured the Earth which by then was a very old dark star much older than 4.5 billion years old.  This miracle began our history.  The miraculous light swiftly progressed in a unified manner as the Earth rotated in interstellar space.  The culmination of God's miracle was the creation of Adam and then Eve followed by the Divine rest, blessing, and holiness of the seventh.  

Then Adam and Eve sinned and this began a fallen course of Earth. Earth evolved for a long long time.  Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise after the fallen Earth had been evolving for many years, since Paradise was mystically detached from the Earth when Adam and Eve sinned.  This is more or less how I understand it at this point.     

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