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My Unique Criteria For Judging the Arrival of Adam and Eve: A Writing System

First off I want to say that I am not a Creationist.  I have come to respect the Creationists for their tenacity, but I cannot be labelled a Creationist or even a Fundamentalist.  What can you label me or my ideas?

There is no label for me or my ideas.  I am creating a new label. Have you ever come across anyone who

Thinks matter, i.e. a woven network of atoms (with physical twined EM threads mediating light and gravity), and the angels, simultaneously appeared from nothing maybe about a trillion years old
Thinks that the Earth itself is a star; coalesced in this network of atoms
Thinks that the Earth is tens to a hundred billion years old
Thinks that the Earth naturally transitioned to a dark star (black dwarf, cinder of what was once a star)
Thinks that the light-event described in Genesis One is a supernatural transfiguration of the Earth's surface
mediated by the Spirit sent forth from Heaven.
Thinks that Adam and Eve were created prior to the hominids in this unique light-event.
Thinks that with Adam and Eve's sin Earth with all the prototype plants and animals was punished and cycled in a fallen course for countless years, a cycle in which new types evolved out of old types.
Thinks that Adam and Eve were mystically cast out of Paradise to the surface:  thousands, millions, maybe even billions of years after Adam was created from some ground of the Earth in the light-event.

You can label me insane.  And that is fine by me.  

I do not outright deny this concept called evolution but I have it as a small petty place in Earth's history. Ultimately it means nothing to me.  Hominid and ape is a word which means nothing to me in context to origin and destiny.  I could care less about the hominids or apes.  Sure if I had charge over one, I would take care of it, but what do I have to do with them?  We are a part of something way bigger than anything Copernicus or Darwin or any other modern scientist can dream up with their limited resources.

I have my own criteria for judging the arrival of Adam and Eve to the ground in mystical event of their casting out from this organic sphere called Paradise.  This is the same Paradise Jesus took the good thief to on the day that he died.  Paradise is up and to the east from location of Adam's creation in the primitive Middle East.  It is up over the mountains, probably the Himalayas.  With their sin God disconnected Paradise from the Earth and cast Adam and Eve back down to the ground where and when He saw fit. Adam and Eve did not just mosey on out of Paradise.  They were at God's mercy.  God did not drop them off in the midst of the last ice-age.  God is merciful.  

Paradise still exists.  Enoch and Elias are there.  It has real trees. Yet Paradise is no longer woven into the web of all the atoms of the universe.  All atoms are connected to all other atoms via two threads twisted around each other. They are the physical EM mediators. This is how light and gravity are mediated.  But with Adam and Eve's sin the object called Paradise got disconnected from the network of atoms, thus even though it is very close no one woven into the network of atoms can get there. There is a disconnect, but it still has location relative to all the objects of the Earth.  

So what criteria can we use to determine the arrival of Adam and Eve from Paradise?  I suggest it is the appearance of a writing system.  There is no doubt in my mind that soon after Adam and Eve arrived there is the arrival of a writing system.  Once Adam and Eve established their spoken language, they began to establish a writing system. 

All life forms: from the single-celled organism to Einstein are intelligent.  Intelligence is the ability to conceive of concepts and apply them.  Every object that moves on its own can conceive of concepts and apply them. It is just a matter of the type of concepts an individual can conceive of and apply.  The individuals that have brains usually have the greater conceptual power.  

But no other animal other than Adam can conceive of and apply the type of concept called a word. Words are native to the brain of Adam and all his descendants.  Adam has the type of brain configuration (and whole body type and soul type) that can generate words.  The neurons, even the very atoms in Adam's brain give and receive signals, the relation of which is the word concept.  The ability to conceive of words and apply them in sequence is hard wired into Adam's brain and all the brains of his descendants.
Really a better way to explain it would be to say the whole body type of Adam is hard-wired to conceive of words and apply them. The entire body animated by the immortal soul generates the word from within and to without.  Our entire body is configured so that we can conceive of words and apply them in our brains and through our voice and through our hands in gesture or with the extension of the fingers in tracing.       

What are words?  Meaningful relations between two or more objects.  The word concept is a dynamic phenomenon.  A word is a definition picked out from in the movement of relating two or more objects of one's environment.  Adam's brain is one of understanding. It can pick out definite relations between two or more objects.  This is the word.  The purpose of the word is to convey meaning to oneself or to others.  And yet also the essence of the word is meaning.  Meaning attracts the word together, so to speak.  Meaning is the relation that is the word concept.  Meaning is the power and unity of the association that is the word. Adam looked at objects; and in doing so, defined relations.  The word is associated from within as well as from without.  And the word is applied from within and to without.  The word is a manifestation of clarity and specificity.  

The entire process of the word concept, both the conceiving and the applying is a complex and dynamic relation between so many objects: neurons, nerves, the soul, objects of the environment, light phenomenon, etc.   

The application of the word is both interior and exterior.  Within, the mind (interrelations of soul and brain) applies the word concept in the process of thought.  Once Adam generated the word an association of neurons is established in his brain and that association becomes stronger and stronger by repeating the word, within, to himself or to without, from himself via sound, gesture and traced characters.  Once a pool of word concepts is established in the brain these are used in sequence to generate more word concepts, and different types of words concepts such as figurative concepts, abstract concepts, inferential concepts, affirmative concepts, creative concepts, etc.  The word concept is an abstraction for all meaningful, clear, and defined relations made by the brain:  from the most general to the most specific.  Even the most general word concept is far more specific than anything the animals can conceive of, e.g. Ma.  Word concepts are of a higher order than the concepts of all animals unable to conceive of the same.   

Speech, gesture and traced characters are naturally inseparable from the process of the word concept.  These are the exterior application of the interior process of the word concept.  The process of exterior application is threefold:  sound, gesture and traced character.  There is no possible way of even conceiving of the word concept, itself, apart from the singular sound, gesture and traced characters of the word concept.  These unique manifestations are, so to speak, the native incarnation of the word concept.  And these three manifestations help to create more word concepts.  Technology, culture, work, religion and everything human is built on word concepts manifest-exterior.  No animal in history other than the children of Adam can do this.

As soon as Adam had a pool of word concepts he naturally started creating signs so as to manifest his word concepts and help him to think. Just like Jesus did, tracing meaningful word concepts in the dirt, so did Adam:

Then Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the earth.

Once Adam had the spoken words and a community of children; he began to establish a writing system. He or one of his children started coming up with ways of writing other than in the dirt. Wherever there is Adamic civilization; there is a writing system. Maybe this writing system is primitive or perhaps it struggled to get off the ground because of circumstance or lack of desire, but it is unspeakably absurd to think that those who had spoken language did not soon establish a writing system and develop it beyond tracing characters in the dirt.  This truth is so elementary it is taken for granted by even God and the sacred authors, for in the Bible they list no one inventing speech, gestures or traced characters.  Jubal is the generator of music, the harp and the flute, but it is a given that with Adam comes speech, gesture and traced character.  The very first thing God wanted Adam to do is name the animals!  And in all sanity you can believe that the signs came soon after that.      

The three elements which Adam and his children act to manifest word concepts are a unique and specific (in relation to animals) voice, gesture and traced character.  These are the sign:  the exterior means of relating the interior word concept. The voice, the gesture and the character go hand in hand and these are inextricable from the word concept.  As soon as people start conceiving word concepts they apply them via spoken words, gestures as well as traced characters. The voice, the gesture and the traced character is the sign of the children of God.  There is no rational way of understanding the word concept without its exterior manifestation; its exterior application. Granted there is no harm or damage or hard-pressed circumstances, or lack of desire:  If there is no exterior manifestation of unique and specific sound, gesture and traced character (in whatever form), the word concept does not exist in the individual or the collective.  
What meaningful relation can one explicitly pick out between Mankind and a hominid or any other animal? What clearly defines us from the animals?  Word concepts exterior manifest or applied via unique and specific and defined and meaningful:  sound, gesture and traced characters.  You can sure as hell believe that with the appearance of a spoken language their is the appearance of a writing system not long after.  And I am not talking pictures, drawings or markers. I am talking defined-meaningful-clear characters and script which can be interpreted by self and others.    

If the Africans living 60,000 years ago had the type of brain and body configuration that could relate the word concept they would have begun to establish a writing system.  If Adam and Eve appeared 60,000 years ago, show me the writing system from at least 58,000 years ago.  One cannot sanely argue that these were not invented until 56,000 year later!  So the mother tongue existed for 56,000 years without any writing system to show for it?  So we have an oral tradition that spans 56,000 years with nothing to show for it?  No one thought to write down his word concepts for 56,000 years?  

No.  If Adam and Eve appeared 60,000 years ago there would have been spaceships traveling to Andromeda by the time of Jesus. Computers would have appeared long before the Neolithic age.  The word concept builds technology.  If the Neanderthals had the word concept they would have built underground bunkers to protect them from the ice-age.

The African hominids, the Neanderthals et al had no word concepts. They had no word manifested in speech and gesture and writing. They communicated in grunts and drew pictures like babies.

There is something seriously amiss with the speculative concepts and speculated events of modern anthropology.  I do not deny the existence of the hominids, or even evolution, but I think they are confused. And I think their dates are confused as well as their ideas of civilization.  And I am not going to waste my life arguing against them.  Instead I will use Divine Revelation and common sense to come up with my own explanations.

Language appeared with Adam and Eve.  And by language I mean everything.  Spoken word, gesture and written word that only Adam and Eve's children use. Adam has a unique type of concept:  the word concept.  The characters relating this word concept were at first primitive but not long after Adam and Eve some were writing small scripts.  They used bark, gold plates, stones, and then papyrus or whatnot.  These got copied and recreated.  This is the sign of the children of God's arrival.  

Saint Jude quoted Enoch in his epistle:

{1:14} And about these, Enoch, the seventh from Adam, also prophesied, saying: “Behold, the Lord is arriving with thousands of his saints,{1:15} to execute judgment against everyone, and to reprove all the impious concerning all the works of their impiety, by which they have acted impiously, and concerning all the harsh things that impious sinners have spoken against God.”

Saint Jude quoted Enoch.  How could Enoch's specific words been passed down to Jude in all the complexity of the Old Testament without Enoch having written something himself?  And Blessed

Anne Catherine Emmerich:

Enoch, Noahs ancestor, opposed that wicked race by his teachings. He wrote much. (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

If Enoch was the seventh from Adam, and he was writing when did this happen?  And how did he learn how to write?  And how did his writings get passed down to me thousands of years later?  
If Adam and Eve appeared 60,000 years ago; where in the timeline is Enoch writing? 30,000 years ago?  Did he learn how to write from Uncle Neanderthal?  

With the appearance of Adam and Eve is the appearance of a writing system not long after.  This is a rational criteria for judging the time of their arrival in relation to all the speculated events of history.  

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