Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Will Never Discover Extraterrestrial Life

I am suppose to be taking some time off, but I just wanted to remind the entire Church and the whole world that we will never, ever, ever find extraterrestrial life.  I do not care what an MIT professor says or does.  I do not care what NASA says or does, and I certainly do not care what a Vatican astronomer says or does.   And I do not care about the made up concept of a habitable planet, nor how many planets appear like Earth, or how many water worlds there are, or how many estimated planets there are in this galaxy and all galaxies.  In fact I welcome the odds.      

WE WILL NEVER FIND E.T. LIFE, not even a single bacteria, nor a single trace of a living organisms.  Not on Mars, not anywhere.  Astrobiology is a pseudo-science.  I have already mentioned this before here but I want to devote a single post on this subject.   

What is life?  Life is a concept that relates an object that moves on its own against the gravitational pull of all other objects.  This working definition is broad enough to include all living objects from the single celled organism to HE-WHO-IS-WHO-WAS-AND-WHO-WILL-BE.  

The basic unit of life is the cell.  I assume that all living objects are interfaced by a fundamental entity the soul.  A soul is a noun of reality.  A soul is an object that help the body defy the physical mediators of gravity. It moves and relates higher than inert physical objects. All the bodies of living objects have souls, even the prokaryotes.  It is an object that exists bound to another object, the physical body.  In a living organism, the soul and body thoroughly interface.  The soul informs the body. The soul mediates anti-gravity and so a living object defies gravity from conception to death!  

The soul can be critically reasoned too since there is no part of any living body where the ability of anti-gravitational movement can be traced.  It cannot be traced to the legs, the brain, the DNA, the atoms, the heart, etc.  A physical body with all its parts bound from it's immediate surrounding is able to move, expand, develop on its own ultimately because of the soul.  This would help explain why some cellular processes seem to appear non-causal. Personal spontaneous movement from within resolves to the soul. This very moment, your brain, and all the relevant neurons you use to parse this sentence move on their own since your soul is bound relating with it.  Your brain is moving on its own because of the soul. Interrelations of the soul and the brain is my definition of the concept labelled intellect and its synonym mind.  

Physical objects are able to move on their own because they have a spiritual object called a soul 'woven' into them.  Philosophers who had no belief in Judaism or Christianity have reasoned to the soul, e.g. Aristotle.  So this is not a sheer religious belief.  Souls cannot evolve from inert objects, such as rocks.  Impossible.  The immaterial cannot come out of the material.  Only God can create souls, even the aliens would tell us this, that is, if there were any. Lol!

Let us just assume that I am irrational and incorrect in my assumption of a fundamental entity called the soul that interfaces the body.  Even then the fundamental unit of life, the cell, is a complex entity.  It seems that it is impossible to explain its appearance on this Earth in the past.    

On the other hand astrobiologists have no definition of life.  Nor do they understand what light is and what gravity is.  Still they are in search of life on other planets.  Um sound contradictory?  I hope so! Extraterrestrial life is a neat concept for science fiction, but not real life. It makes no sense to go searching for E.T.  It is stupid and wasteful on a grand scale.  

Why will we not find life on other planets?  The answer is preciously simple.  It is in Genesis One and other verses of Sacred Scripture.  The Spirit has not been sent forth to any of the astronomical objects other than the Earth.  Nor has any other planet received the light miracle described in Genesis One.  Earth is elect. God chose to initiate a singular relationship with the Earth and this included the miraculous formation of the living objects.  Living objects were made to be with Man.  A correct understanding of Genesis One rules out the possibility of extraterrestrial life.  And it is shameful that some Roman Catholics actually entertain this E.T. concept. But it is understandable.  The word got spread in Catholic circles that Genesis One is a myth.  So there you have it.  You want a myth you got it:  E.T.

I am not claiming that everyone is culpable, but serious use of this concept is an attack on our relationship with God.  It is also an attack on Earth's uniqueness as well as her dignity of having received the Spirit: an unspeakable favor not granted to any other astronomical object.  The Spirit launched something new with the Earth.  This new something is not found anywhere else in the universe.  

The E.T. life concept is at best naive.  It is a romance.  At worst it is demonic.  I think, perhaps, fallen angels exploit this foolish man-made concept to lead people to dead ends.  And God permits this as a just punishment.  We get what we deserve.  And it is absurd that any nation should spend money in search of E.T. when there are more important matters such as helping those in need.   

My basic understanding is:
Earth was formed a morning star among the first stars of the universe.
Over countless years it naturally transitioned to a black dwarf (it fused all its elements, synthesized molecules, shed atoms (stellar wind) went through a series of novae, shed its outer layers, cooled and shrank, synthesized molecules including H2O all while migrating around the galaxy).
When it was a black dwarf (like the moons Titan or Ganymede) moving between stars, close to the new star our Sun:
God emitted the Spirit to the Earth and transfigured her face!

In this unified manifestation was the creation of the first generation living objects 
culminating in the first Man, Adam and first Woman, Eve.
This is the beginning of our history.  
Earth is inextricably connected to God via the sending forth of the Spirit and then finally Jesus.  
The Spirit was the Mediator of the light-event of Genesis One.  
God only sends forth the Spirit in elect events, when He wants to work something supernatural or miraculous or extraordinary.   
The Spirit has not been sent forth to any other planet or astronomical object 
Only the Earth has a close relation with God among all stars.
Once the Spirit was sent to the Earth and finished the work He in a manner of speaking rested, meaning He went back to the Father and the Son in Heaven.
After working some of the greatest events in history God returned to Himself.  He went back to His primitive state of existing in Heaven.  The Spirit is not Incarnate. 
He was sent again at Pentecost and many other times prior.
And the Spirit lives in all angels and Mankind that are in grace whether prior to or after the arrival of Jesus.
God is not invested in any other astronomical object in the universe other than the Earth.
All the other stars are for God's glory but He does not make a connection with them.     

So my conclusion is that there is no sane reason why life would be anywhere else.  Aliens, in any form do not exist but in our heads.   

Prior to the light event recorded in Genesis One is a prehistory of angels and matter i.e. the network of atoms.  But this prehistory is not included in the prophetic Genesis One narrative.  And this prehistory does not include living entities other than God and the angels. 

We will never find extraterrestrial life, and the fallen angels will continue to exploit this concept until men give it up.  If there is an announcement that life has been found beyond the Earth or that there is a traces of life on Mars, I will not believe it.  I have lost trust in the present human family especially the establishment and the mainstream.        

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