Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quote of the Day from Gaede's Why God Doesn't Exist

I've been reading Gaede's incredible work on physics called 
Why God Doesn't Exist

Taken from a section where he defines science and proposes a rational scientific method: A relativist is a person who confuses a fact with the statement of the facts 

"Like all scientific theories, the Theory of Evolution is comprised of fact and opinion, evidence and theory, and we must learn not to confuse them. The Darwinists confuse finding bones in a given layer of earth (facts and evidence) with their interpretation of the finding (theory, conclusions, and proof). A fossil is evidence of a 
fact (i.e., that something happened). How long it has been there, why it is there, and whom these remains belong to are either statements of fact or theories, but never facts. Even assuming that Gould and Rennie could convince everyone on Earth that a bone is a million years old, this theory will never become a fact. The reason for this is that theories and facts pertain to different stages of the scientific method. In science, a juror may vote for a theory, but not for a fact. A fact differs from a theory in that it is observer-free and belongs to the hypothesis stage. In Law, a verdict is the fact-finder’s opinion with respect to a fact: a conclusion. In science, there are no ‘triers-of-fact’ or verdicts because facts are strictly part of the assumptions. When we say that it is a fact that this cup is on this table, we are not giving an opinion or asking for a verdict. We are making a statement about a real film clip of the Universal Film. That this cup is on this table is a fact. That you say that this cup is on the table is a statement of the facts: an assumption. Both belong to the hypothesis. Why the cup is on the table (meaning HOW it got there – by what mechanical process) is an issue that belongs either to the hypothesis or to the theory, depending on how the statement is used. You can believe the theory proposed by the prosecutor, but your vote will not retroactively modify what actually occurred (true fact). If God sweeps the floor, it won’t alter the fact that it was dirty a minute ago, even in the case where He wipes the entire incident from everybody’s memory."
(Bill Gaede:  Why God Doesn't Exist)

In the same subsection he exposes Anderson's positron.  Anderson converted an inferential assumption into a fact and got awarded a Nobel Prize for his slop.  Now particle accelerators are the pantheons to all the gods of particle physics.  

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