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God's-Sphere vs Earth's-Sphere

The Heaven of God or God's Sphere or the place where God lives:

God created the sphere around Him from nothing, so to speak, perhaps just prior to or simultaneous to the angel's and matter's creation and long before the Earth first took shape from within the network of matter. God's Sphere is what could be described as a parallel universe.

The Heaven of God is a discrete object in relation to the Earth, Moon, Sun, stars, galaxies, etc. It is disconnected from our web of atoms and all those objects transformed from the atoms such as trees, stars, rocks, etc. Atoms are connected to all other atoms of the Universe via twined DNA like objects that under Thread Theory are called EM ropes. EM ropes converging from all directions tranform; forming hairy heads known as the atoms. The EM ropes physically mediate light and gravity as well as electricity and magnetism between all objects composed of atoms. Light is a bi-directional signal that originates in all atoms jumping thus torquing the EM ropes connecting all atoms. The same rope-like object mediates gravity between atoms and objects made of atoms.

The Heaven of God is an object that is not woven into our network of matter, consequently it cannot be seen by Men on Earth or is it in gravitational tension with the Earth. Heaven shares the same space as the Earth and could be located anywhere in relation to the Earth. It could be right above the ecliptic plane of our Solar System or Milky Way galaxy and we would never see it or experience its tug since the physical objects of God's Sphere do not send light signals or gravitational pull to the physical objects of the Earth such as your eyes. The reason is that the atoms of God's Sphere are not bound to the atoms of Earth, or any other object of our universe. The atoms of your eyes are rectilinearly connected to the atoms of the Andromeda galaxy thus you can see the light sent from Andromeda. The atoms of Andromeda send torsion signals; stimulating your eyes to see an object located at a great distance. The distance between you and Andromeda is the length of the EM rope mediator connecting you to Andromeda.

But the atoms of your eyes and body are not connected to the atoms of God's Sphere thus you cannot see it. or experience its pull. The Heaven of God could be located closer to you than Andromeda and you would never know since there are no physical mediators connecting you to the Sphere of God.

God's Sphere moves at God's will. There is no physical mechanism keeping His Sphere in relative motion to the Earth if in fact that is what God chooses to do. Personally I think Heaven is meant to be physically connected to the Earth since Earth is the one astronomical object God has sent His Spirit to and transfigured. God made an indissoluble connection to the Earth in the events described in Genesis One. This Divine mediation and election will never be broken however it is not physical at the present unless you factor in the connection the Son of God made by taking on a physical human body. Jesus physically connects the Heaven and the Earth, however the full fruition of this physical connection has not yet come about. 

I think a physical connection between the Heaven and the Earth will be brought about fully when God creates the New Heaven and New Earth at the Resurrection and Last Judgment. The matter of the New Heaven will be connected to the matter of the New Earth. The Resurrected and Glorified human family should be able to physically travel between the New Heaven and the New Earth. And one will be able to see the New Heaven from the New Earth. Perhaps they will move together in tandem; marching through the galaxies enjoying the sight of the new stars come out of the fire event predicted by Saint Peter.

God is the central object of Heaven. The matter surrounding God making up His Sphere is a matter of speculation. Angels and souls are with God in Heaven but Jesus and Mary are also there body and soul. Thus it is not so far fetched to speculate that there are heavenly elements such as oxygen. How else would Jesus and Mary breathe? It matters not that their bodies are resurrected and glorified. Even a resurrected-glorified body is seemingly made to take in oxygen. And there could very well be other elements in Heaven not unlike the elements found on Earth. For example Jesus and Mary have their own thrones even clothing. These must be made out of some type of elements. Right? It all sounds childish but if Heaven exists it must be able to be more or less visualized. 

There are physical objects in Heaven, but let's assume you took a spaceship and flew right past Heaven you would not see Jesus, Mary, their thrones or any other physical object of Heaven since as of now the matter of Heaven is not bound to the matter of our Universe by the physical mediators responsible for light and gravity; in Thread Theory these are the EM ropes.

Heaven is not outside of space and time. Nor does Heaven transcend space and time. If you believe this you have been bamboozled by mathematical physicists or theologians who do not know what they are talking about or have not clearly defined their terms. Space and time are concepts. Space resolves to nothing in reality. Nor does time. It is blatantly absurd to claim that the Heaven of God is outside of space and time since it is impossible to exist outside of (or transcend) a concept. The only sense you could make of such statements is to concede that space and time are physical objects with boundaries. Then and only then could you claim that the Heaven of God is outside of space and time. But then you will have a hell of a time trying to describe the boundaries of space and time. If space and time are objects where do they begin? Where do they end?  What is outside of the boundary of space and time? More space other times?  Heaven?  

My definitions. Space: concept referring to static distances between objects that are physically, spiritually or Divinely present. The concept space refers to nothing that has shape or presence. Time: concept referring to neurons connecting two or more locations of an object in reference to a predefined scalar quantity. The concept time refers to nothing that has shape and presence. Space and time are concepts relating two or more objects with shape and location.

In regards to God.  When a theologian claims that God transcends space and time it simply means that God, His Deeds, as well as His Words defy our concepts of space and time.  That is all.  So for example when a baby is baptized he is filled with the Spirit.  Where was the Spirit prior to that baby's baptism.  He is not in the water poured over the infant, He is in Heaven.  Where is Heaven located? Maybe just beyond the solar system.  So the Spirit traversed a great distance in an instant.  His movements transcend our notion of static distances between objects. Similar with time.  Time is an abstract concept combining motion:  an object assuming two or more locations.  The object named Jesus, died on the Cross and this object is present continually on Earth.  And his dying relation stimulates all Men continually.  Jesus on the Cross relates to the Father and all Men.  This is a miracle of God. Jesus and his dying relation defies our temporal concepts.  Time is all in your head. God did not create time.  Space is a concept that was discovered to be nothing.  God did not create space.  These concepts are of course important and useful but some theologians use them recklessly in their attempt to scientifically explain the un-explainable.      

Heaven is a real object. There is a Divine Presence, spiritual presences, and physical presences aggregating this object called Heaven. Spiritual and physical presences surround a Divine Presence thus something of a physical interpretation of God's Sphere should be able to be given in relation to the matter of our Universe. Heaven has a location in relation to the Earth and every other physical object of the Universe. If I were privileged to have a conversation with Jesus and I asked him where Heaven is located I would not be surprised in the least if he told me right above the imaginary ecliptic plane of the solar system. It is that simple, but you have to be taken into Heaven in order to enjoy it. There is no physical way to arrive in Heaven and see God since the matter of Heaven is not connected to the matter composing our bodies and of course no one can go to God and see God unless He does something miraculous to that person.  One is assumed into Heaven.  

A possible physical manner of explaining Heaven in relation to all the physical objects of our Universe could be to state that Heaven is a parallel universe. The atoms of Heaven are not connected to the atoms of our universe. Heaven is a closed network; detached from the Earth, Sun, Moon, stars, etc.  There is no physical input from our Universe to the Heaven of the Blessed.  God's Sphere has its own web of atoms.  

And this is not a parallel universe or alternate dimension in the sense that the Mathematical Physicists. I am using the word 'parallel universe' within an understanding of Thread Theory. Gaede speculates toward the end of his book:
Now imagine a parallel universe we cannot detect. In this context, by universe I mean another enormous thread wound around into matter. The space we ‘inhabit’ is the same. This universe is also an enormously long thread contorted into galaxies and stars and planets, on some of which life also arose and, like ours, this universe converses with things through light and gravity, which – as we now realize – operate through electromagnetic threads. However, nothing in this parallel blob of matter, not a single thread is connected to you! This parallel universe has physical presence within space, but it is completely undetectable to us for lack of channels of communication. For all we know, this universe could one day cross paths with ours and one of its planets suddenly strikes Earth without us detecting it first because we do not detect light or gravity from such objects. 
Or imagine that the velocity of light in this parallel universe may have a different speed. The greater the initial amount of matter, the greater the velocity of light, and hence of the force of pull of gravity. Physical laws there would be somewhat different. Food for thought! (Bill Gaede, WGDE p. 363-4)

The Heaven of God is a parallel universe in this sense presented by Gaede.  And the size magnitude of this parallel universe does not even need to be envisioned as all that great.  There are only so many Angels and Men God is going to fill His Sphere up with.  The size His Sphere could be no greater than the size of the Sun.  That would probably be sufficient.  Or it could be bigger.  Only I do not think that it need to be imagined as great in size as a galaxy!!!

Heaven is a real object surrounding God. It has shape, boundaries, limits, etc. It is made of some physical objects. It is a parallel universe.  For all we now it could be located just above ecliptic plane of our solar system or the Milky Way galaxy. We would never know it is there since the atoms of Heaven are not interconnected with the atoms that make up the stars, galaxies, Earth and us.  There is no mediation of light and gravity between the Heaven of God and the Earth.  

God built a Sphere around Himself and He wants Angels and Man to live with Him in this Sphere. Just because it is not woven into the network of atoms does not mean that is has no atoms, no shape, no location, no existence. But one must believe in Heaven and this ability is a gift stimulated first by God in Man.

The Heaven of the Earth or Earth's Sphere, or the atmosphere, the sky

Earth is an old dark star. It began as an active fusing star and gradually compressed, cooled and ultimately changed to a primitive form of what we have today.  Through its phase transitions as well as rotation around the galactic core it had a variety of outer spheres. At the time God changed the surface of the Earth there may have been a trace atmosphere of nitrogen like the Saturnine satellite Titan. The modern atmosphere was formed by God in the light event described in Genesis One. God transfigured the face of the Earth and in this act the modern atmosphere diffused out from the Earth's surface. This cannot be scientifically explained since it was a relatively swift miracle.

God does not use physical mediators or a natural physical mechanism to accomplish some of His phenomena.  For some events He simply chooses a concept into existence at will. Imagine a general of an army who could blow up an enemy base without having to make a nuclear bomb, launch it and explode it. All he does is choose the objects and concepts he has in his mind and it happens. This is similar to what God does in the events of Genesis One or at the event of the angel's and matter's creation from nothing. He acts at will using no physical objects or mechanism to mediate his concepts into existence. 

There is no way of scientifically explaining (and much less proving) the events of Genesis One or the event of matter's creation ex nihilo. Anyone who is out to prove Genesis One to himself or to the world is out of his mind. Every word of God is already proven by the Resurrection of Jesus. All that is left to the theologian is to find the right clarification of the events described in the Sacred Script. To do this he might use science to guide him in his conceptual processes, but science can never explain or prove a miracle. Never!!! The only possible proof of these events is to be there and see them for yourself.

A theologian tasked with interpreting God's Word is meant to explain the described events. He is not tasked with proving the events to himself or the scientific community. The Word of God is already proven. And he is not tasked with proving his interpretation to the Church or the world or the scientific community. Theology has nothing to do with validation or proof. Let God prove your explanation you mere mortal!!! Do you not know or do you not care that you will have to give an answer to God for your interpretations which you are so vehemently out to prove to the world for its acceptance?

Theologians should be immersed in finding and developing something of a good explanation within faith.  Theology does not prove.  Theology explains concepts coming out of the Deeds and Words of God. Theology is purely conceptual, and all personal theologies are more or less off the mark since the person making the connections is a mere lowly mortal.  Biblical Hebrew scholar Robert Holmstedt says it well in one of his recent blogs:

We have to remember that even theology (of every kind) is a human creation. In the end, when the curtain is pulled aside, I’m betting that even the best theology will be a bit off. (blog link)

In regards to the formation of our atmosphere, I speculate is that the astronomical object called Earth had a water supply prior to the light event. This is described in the second verse of Genesis 1. It probably also had some sort of trace atmosphere of nitrogen like the Saturn moon Titan. This is my guess. There was probably different molecules mixed into the water supply such as ammonia. Also my guess. And so I speculate the Spirit kicked up some of the water supply and separated the water molecules into H and O: AT WILL. The Spirit was following through with the order sent to Him from the Father and the Son. The diffusing O synthesized and most of the hydrogen eventually photoevaporated out of the atmosphere. The atmosphere been sustained since the light-event via the fallen evolutionary cycles of plants and animals.

The Two Heavens of Genesis 1

In Genesis One the Heaven of the first verse is different than the Heaven of the subsequent verses. The Heaven of the first verse is God's Sphere. The Heaven of the subsequent verses is Earth's sphere. God named Earth's new modern sphere that He formed in the light-event: Heaven since He associated it with His own Sphere. It is as if the core, mantle and crust of the Earth is God and surrounding sphere where the birds fly is the place where the Angels and Saints take their places around God. The association is meant to be used to teach our children.

One point of debate in Genesis One interpretations is whether or not the Heaven of the first verse is the Heaven of God or the heavens or the atmosphere. In my view the Heaven of the first verse is unequivocally the Heaven of God or God's Sphere. The sacred narrator states it first since this is the place from where God stimulates the Earth in the light-event. God moves His sphere near an old dark star; transfigures it and places it in swing around the Sun. The sacred author states the relevant objects of his narration prior to proceeding to the events. One of the relevant objects is Heaven since that is where God lives and from where God works. A child could figure this out. If you are not satisfied with this explanation here is a quote citing authority:

Cornelius a Lapide understands hashamayim as meaning literally "the heaven of the blessed." He lists twenty-two early and medieval commentators who express this interpretation, including St. Clement as "having heard this from the lips of St. Peter," together with five or six other Fathers of the Church, and St. Bonaventure, who calls it "the more common opinion." "St. Chrysostom says on this point (Homily 2): 'God, in constructing His edifice in a way beyond human practice, first laid out heaven, then put the earth under it: first the apex and then the foundation." (7) ( A NEO-PATRISTIC RETURN TO THE FIRST FOUR DAYS OF CREATION, John F. McCarthy,, (7) refers to A Lapide, Genesis et Exodus, p. 45.)

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