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The Formation of Our Modern Atmosphere in the Sacred Scripts

The Modern Atmosphere

When I use the term 'modern atmosphere' I am referring to the atmosphere shaped by God in the light-event described in Genesis 1:

There shall be an expanse in the midst of the waters.
And it shall come to be dividing waters toward waters.
And God made the essence of an expanse.
And God caused it to divide between waters that were below the expanse to waters that were above the expanse. (my interpretive translation)

Prior to this event (a sub-event of the light-event) there was a series of outer layers since the Earth is an old dark star. As a star evolves it has different types of outer layers for example the relatively young Sun has photosphere, chromosphere, and corona. The Earth once had these type of outer layers yet when God entered the Universal Movie and transfigured the Earth's surface I guess the Earth had a thin atmosphere like some of the planets and moons of the solar system. Subsequent to the light-event exists the essence of the modern atmosphere. I do not know when the light-event occurred in relation to today. It could have been two, three, or four billion years ago. Yet note my understanding of the Earth. I believe Earth is a transformed star thus it could be in the tens of billions of years old. So when I say the modern atmosphere I refer to the essential atmosphere that has existed since God changed the face of the Earth. It is relatively new.

Once I understood the depths of idiocy the established scientific community can fall into, I abandoned all their dates and most their hypotheses, and theories. All they have are statements of facts, assumptions and speculations in an attempt to fill in vast gaps of the Universal Movie. Their speculations tend to be biased toward pre-established theories such as Father Big-Bang, its son the solar nebular hypothesis, plate tectonics, iron catastrophe, and now this new speculation I have run into called the Oxygen Catastrophe.

Mainstream 'scientists' are predisposed to prove, string together and/or reinforce established hypotheses and theories taught in the profit-seeking corporations called universities. They also tend to convert theories as well as hypothesis into facts of the Universal Movie (that is all physical objects that ever existed and all their phenomena). Theories or assumptions or even statements of facts are never facts of the Universal Movie. Physics and Philosophy does not deal in facts. All these fields have are statements of facts, assumptions and speculations filling in the intricate and immense gaps of the Universal Movie. A statement of facts is petty compared to the reality of a single frame of the Universal Movie. But from their statements of facts, suppositions (hypothesis) and explanations (theory) flows a conclusion that is according to reason possible or impossible but never, I repeat never a fact. Some Mainstream scientists insinuate that their hypothesis or theories or conclusions are facts of the Universal Movie. They convert an assumption or a theory into a fact and get awarded for this nonsense.

I do not reject all of mainstream's statements of facts, assumptions, and theories but I have lost all respect for them. Thus I decided to start from scratch. If they want to believe that our crystalline atmosphere formed as a combination of gas left over from the Sun's formation, volcanic out-gassing, asteroids and comets smashing into Earth, and little blobs producing oxygen, then they can go to God with that. I'm not going to God with their hogwash. I start from Sacred Scripture and use some non-mainstream works of physics to help guide my interpretive concepts of Genesis 1, 2, 3. Some examples of these are Gaede's Thread Theory, Abruzzo's Stellar Transformation Hypothesis, Wolynski's thought, as well as others. I am not out to provide a physical mechanism to explain a miraculous event wrought by God, or to 'scientifically prove' what God did. A miraculous event is supra-rational. According to reason it is impossible.

But I allow some choice works in physics to guide my interpretation of the Sacred Scripts. For example I assume the Earth is an old dark star. I suppose that it did not form within a disk of gas and dust revolving around the Sun. I assume that it had a vast history prior to God transfiguring it and moving it into a rotation around the newer Sun. I use this assumption to explain the prophetic descriptions Genesis 1 and state my conclusion or beliefs.

The Making of the Modern Atmosphere

I believe God first shaped the modern outer layers of the Earth. God emitted the Spirit to an old astronomical object. The Spirit stimulated its surface that contained a water supply. In doing this God made the essence of our modern atmosphere. Since then the Earthen sphere has been systematically sustained by the fallen evolutionary cycles of the plants and animals. The miracle of our sphere's transformation from out of the old surface is described in Genesis 1 but I think it is also described in some other elegant Sacred Scripts. And so I would like to delve into these. The Scripts are a part of the Books of Job and Proverbs.

Job 26:10

Let's start with the verse from Job, which is said to be the oldest Book of the Bible. Blessed Anne says that Job's servants recorded the events of Job's life and Job's wisdom on bark. Job was a great Saint in frequent mystical communication with God.*  And of course he had great adventures and trials. Interestingly, Blessed Anne mentions that his books were passed down to Moses through Abraham and then to Solomon. Both Moses and Solomon reformed the Book of Job. Within the mystery of Inspiration they edited and added some of their own wisdom and so the Book of Job came to be a Sacred Script.**

Blessed Anne prophetic descriptions lead me to believe that it was either Moses or Solomon was was the seer and writer of Genesis 1 since the below verses I will examine are clearly supplements to the event described in Genesis 1.

I forego traditional translations and interpretations with my own:

He encircled a bound over the face of the waters as far as the end of light beside darkness.
The pillars of the Heaven are shaken and they are amazed at His rebuke.

This prophetic Script describes an event. The event is the miraculous transformation of the Earth's modern atmosphere. The key to understanding this script is visualization. An interpreter could either visualize the occurrence by imagining himself standing on the surface of the Earth or by imagining himself in outer space with the Earth facing him. I prefer the latter since this is the view that I think the seers had of this event.

The first frame of the movie is the Earth as an old dark star with a surface water supply. Like some of the moons of our solar system it had little or no outer layers of gas. But imagine what the Earth would be without the atmosphere and without Sunlight. That is the first frame of the movie just prior to when God transfigured the face of the Earth. It was a rogue-like planet not yet revolving around the Sun nor with layers of gas enveloping it. It was surrounded by little or nothing. Space is nothing. It is not an object that conveys EM torsion signals. Only atoms convey signals to all other atoms by giving and receiving links of EM 'rope'.

The 'bound' of the 10th verse and the Heaven of the 11th verse are associated. They both refer to the modern atmosphere. The 'encirclement' is the miraculous formation of the modern outer gaseous layers. God shaped a new bound for the astronomical object Earth. He diffused pillars of atoms from the aquatic and lifeless surface of the ancient Earth and wrapped these around the Earth. Thus once formed; the new bound is over the face of the waters. The new bound envelops the Earth and extends to a distance where light phenomenon ends beside the darkness of outer space. In the event of the modern atmosphere's transformation God lit up the face of the Earth by stimulating atoms of the surface waters. This is a superficial meaning of "There shall be light."

The Spirit stimulated the the Earth's face in several locations and in this the atoms of these locations burst up excited; sending light signals. If you saw this event from outer space you would see the Earths surface suddenly light up from several locations. The Earth changed color due to higher frequencies and different amps conveyed by the atoms of her surface.  If you saw this event from the Earth's surface you would see luminous atoms erupting from the surface like a geyser and then perpendicular bands spreading out from the geysers in all directions. Thus the Earth is encircled or enveloped by a new bound: layers of gas or the atmosphere. The pillars did not last long. They were immediately rebuked, a figure referring to a beating of the atoms. The Spirit beat them or diffused them in a stylistic manner.

The agitated atoms burst forth vertically from the Earth and the Spirit divided them around in all directions as if encircling a head with a luminous bandages. The luminous bands encircling the Earth end beside the darkness of outer space. They are the new bound separating the Earth from its immediate surrounding. In the same course of events the Earth was placed in orbit around the Sun and the atmosphere changed color to blue via the solar light signals. Since this supernatural phenomenon; most of the diffused atoms have been held in by natural gravitational tug and these are recycled by way of plant and animal activity from the land/water surface.

Now think of the atmosphere as it exists today. The Earth's atmosphere is a gaseous enclosure of solar light phenomenon. It is a canopy of sunlight where molecules and atoms relay solar signals in all directions. The solar light display unique to this planet ends at the outer layers where atoms deplete. Beside the atoms of our atmosphere's outer layer is the darkness of nothing.

In Gaede's Theory of Threads all the atoms of the Earth are connected to all the atoms of the Sun via an electric thread and a magnetic fiber twisted anti-parallel in a rectilinear DNA shaped object. The EM rope is taut, rectilinear, microscopic and not visible since it mediates light phenomenon. The solar atoms jump and vibrate at the expense of the EM rope.  The solar atoms convey torsion signals of various link lengths and amplitudes via the EM rope inducing the connected atoms of the Earth to jump and relay or re-transmit the signals to all other atoms of the Universe. The first Earthen atoms to interfere the solar signals and re-transmit them are the atoms of the atmosphere. The relay puts on a 'light show'. During the day many atmospheric atoms relay light signals in a link length that corresponds to the color blue. A more intense blue color corresponds to higher links (amplitude). The atoms of the atmosphere relay blue link-lengths or varying intensity to our eyes. The solar signals induce our atmospheric atoms to jump and relay signals thus there occurs a ping pong effect of solar signals; a re-transmission of the light signals between all the atoms of the Earth, first and foremost the atoms of our atmosphere. When you stand on the Earth on a clear sunny day most of the solar signals do not rotate uninterruptedly from the atoms of the Sun to the atoms of your eyes. Most are relayed in all directions (scattered) by the transparent gaseous atoms that make up our atmosphere in a ping pong effect that reaches your eyes via the EM ropes connecting all atoms.

The atmosphere is a canopy of light phenomenon: a true light horizon. Beyond the light-boundary of our modern atmosphere is the darkness of outer space. The atoms of our sphere thin out to a layer where there are little or no atoms (the exosphere) that relay the solar light signals to the land/water surface thus there is the darkness of outer space. Our atmosphere is truly a boundary between light phenomenon and the the lack thereof that is the darkness of outer space. God encircled a new bound over the face of the waters toward a completion of light phenomenon next to lack of light phenomenon.

The interpretive mistake of this Job verse has always seemed to associate this Script with the skyline: the imaginary line that separates earth from sky (synonym: the horizon). But this is a great mistake. The verse describes what God DID. The encircled bound is an ancient event. The Earth's surface molecules expanded outward in the shape of pillars as a result of a miraculous act of God and a new horizon was established out from pillars by none other than God. This new bound is our modern atmosphere. God expanded Earth's horizon by erupting her water supply and beating the erupted molecules in all directions over the surface. This event is the second Divine phenomenon of the ancient light-event described in Genesis 1. 

I love the way Blessed Anne describes this event.  I think she saw this same event in her mystical experiences. Keep in mind her supposed locating of seeing this event:

Immediately after the prayer of the faithful choirs and that movement in the Godhead, I saw below me, not far from and to the right of the world of shadows, another dark globe arise [the Earth].
I fixed my eyes steadily upon it. I beheld it as if in movement, growing larger and larger, as it were, bright spots breaking out upon it and encircling it like luminous bands. (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

With these few words Blessed Anne defies thousands of years of stodgy and unimaginative interpretations.

The Spirit stimulated the molecules and atoms of the Earth's facial waters in several locations and in this He literally lit up the Earth's face for a brief period. He broke out the water supply from the planetary surface and guided it out from the several geyser like formations--in all directions in a stylistic manner as if encircling a head with luminous bandages. Thus our modern atmosphere was shaped. If you saw this event from outer space you would see the Earths surface suddenly light up from several locations which burst outward. The surface locations from where the pillars erupted were miraculously transformed into land masses as the atmosphere was wrapped above. The Spirit got Earth's atoms jumping and vibrating. Since this supernatural phenomenon; most of the diffused atoms have been held in by gravitational pull mediated by the EM rope binding all atoms of the core, mantle and surface to the atoms of the atmosphere. The strength of number and angles of the EM ropes connecting the atoms keeps the gaseous layers from escaping into outer space. And they are recycled by way of plant and animal activity from the land/water surface.

Proverbs 3:19-20

The Lord, in wisdom, founded the Earth, He established the Heaven in understanding.
In His knowledge the ancient oceans burst forth and the clouds are dripping dew. (My translation)

The Hebrew shamayim in the nineteenth verse is the atmosphere of the Earth since Solomon began this little sequence by stating the Earth. In this context the Hebrew word shamayim should be translated in the singular since the referent is a singular object as in Genesis 1:6-8. Solomon associates the Heaven with the eruption of the ancient oceans (plural in the Hebrew) and the clouds dripping dew. The ancient oceans reference the various water supplies sitting on the Earth prior to the light-event. The Latin Vulgate uses the word 'eruperunt'. The Spirit caused the ancient oceans to erupt: to burst forth. He did this by His Divine Power. The Spirit mediated commands given to Him by the Father and the Son.  He did not invoke any natural physical mechanism to induce the surface water supply to erupt and spread out around over the Earth. The aquatic Earthen surface suddenly erupted in several locations as if their were immense geysers and circuited in bands in a miracle; a supra-rational event, a supernatural event. It is an event that defies physics. The Spirit accomplished the impossible. With Mother Nature all things are not possible. With God all good things are possible, especially the shaping of our wonderful atmosphere.

The Spirit enclosed the Earth with the ejected H2O. The Spirit moved the erupted molecules over the Earth as if He held a brush and the molecules were His paint. In this was made the first version of our modern atmosphere. It was a great miracle. He may have split some of the H2O into H and O. The O synthesized into O2 and the hydrogen may have eventually photoevaporated into outer space. He may have also kicked up some other molecules and atoms sitting on the surface in addition to the H20. Bear in mind: the Spirit renovated the entire surface of the Earth. I do not know what all the elements and molecules sitting on the Earth's surface at the time. And I do not know what the end product was of the light-event was in terms of surface elements and chemical compounds. Blessed Anne said that Adam's body was formed in a yellow mound of Earth. No animals and plants refurbished the surface up to that time since the Spirit created them in the same event. In any case perhaps there was a substantial amount of ammonia mixed into the waters of the surface. Or there may have been a thin atmosphere of ammonia at the time. And so some of the split O2 oxidized the ammonia to nitrogen and more H20.  There may have also been methane and other chemicals but the speculative chemical reactions really do not matter to me since the incident was a miracle.

Solomon associates the eruption of the abyss with the beaten atoms (Hebrew shachaq translated by me into clouds) dripping with dew. This is a logical sequence. The eruption of the waters coinciding with their circuitous division over land and sea results in the first drops of dew back down to the land and sea.  In Genesis 2 it is said that it had not yet rained yet the fall-out of the the ejection and spread of the waters were present when the Spirit moved to create Adam in the same main light-event:

and no shrub of the field is yet in the earth, and no herb of the field yet sprouteth, for Jehovah God hath not rained upon the earth, and a man there is not to serve the ground, 6 and a mist goeth up from the earth, and hath watered the whole face of the ground. (YLT)

Proverbs 8:27

​​​​​​​In His establishment of the Heaven there I was, in His delineation of a circuit over the face of the abyss. (My translation)

God delineates a circuit over the surface water supplies. The circuit refers to the course of the molecules divided from the erupted pillars in a stylistic manner. Blessed A.C. Emmerich described them as bands but Solomon describes them here as circuits. There is no reason in hell to understand these words rigidly or immaturely. God traced gaseous atoms in all directions using the matter of the pillars that erupted vertically out from the surface. He moved them from the pillars in a roundabout journey over the surface of the Earth. Obviously the pillars were dissipated by the circuit of the atoms. The circular bands essentially covered the entire land and sea mass in the shape of a sphere since the old dark star was spherical prior to the event. The formation of the modern atmosphere was the definition of a new gaseous boundary for the entire astronomical object. God diffused some of the ancient water supply upwards and spread the diffusing waters all around. In these verses one has to think vertical then horizontal. Or up then sideways. Or up then north-south-east-west in all directions. The waters jumped perpendicular to the surface then circuited in all directions by the power of the Spirit.

The sacred authors were not Greeks. They related the formation of the Earth's transparent sphere in their own words. They had bird's eye views of the event thus the Genesis 1 author's description of a division below and above must be envisioned as if seeing the event from outer space. He sees pillars of waters erupting towards him and then waters dividing out above and below the tops of the pillars in a circuit over the old face of the Earth. The Genesis 1 author's description is vague enough to suggest all directions from the expanse of the waters.

The word face and circuit imply a spherical object, yet the prophets observed the Earth changing as if from outer space. The Earth was facing them and they related the events from this observation. It would be impossible to view the entire sphere changing since the back side was not facing them in their prophetic experience. Similar with Blessed Anne. She had a prophetic bird's eye view as if from outer space. They all used words chosen from their prophetic experience. And I think God wrought this event in an intricate or stylistic manner. He wasn't sloppy about it. Thus words 'delineated a circuit' or 'encircled a bound' are fit.

*   Job was unspeakably gentle, affable, just, and benevolent. He assisted all in need. He was, too, exceedingly pure and very familiar with God, who communicated with him . . . (Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Mysteries of the Old Testament)

** Blessed Anne: "The history of Job, together with his dialogues with God, was circumstantially written down by two of his most trusty servants who seemed to be his stewards. They wrote upon bark, and from Jobs own dictation. These two servants were named respectively Hai and Uis, or Ois. These narratives were held very sacred by Jobs descendants. They passed from generation to generation down to Abraham. In the school of Rebecca, the Canaanites were instructed in them on account of the lessons of submission under trials from God that they inculcated. Through Jacob and Joseph, they descended to the children of Israel in Egypt. Moses collected and arranged them differently for the use of the Israelites during their servitude in Egypt and their painful wanderings in the wilderness; for they contained many details that might not have been understood, and which would have been of no service in his time. But Solomon again entirely remodelled them, omitting many things and inserting many others of his own. And so, this once authentic history became a sacred book made up of the wisdom of Job, Moses, and Solomon.

One can now only with difficulty trace the particular history of Job, for the names of cities and nations were assimilated to those of the land of Canaan, on which account Job came to be regarded as an Edomite." (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

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