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The Darkness of Genesis 1:2

Notice to the Reader

I've built up my interpretation from many of my previous blog posts, so if you feel a bit lost just back track.

My Translation

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth.
And when Earth existed as an astonishing-desert, with darkness around a face of abyss . . .

Warm-up quotes taken from Saint Basil:

“Darkness was upon the face of the deep.” A new source for fables and most impious imaginations if one distorts the sense of these words at the will of one’s fancies. By “darkness” these wicked men do not understand what is meant in reality—air not illumined, the shadow produced by the interposition of a body, or finally a place for some reason deprived of light. [. . .]The word is simple and within the comprehension of all. [. . .] But reason asks, was darkness created with the world? Is it older than light? Why in spite of its inferiority has it preceded it? Darkness, we reply, did not exist in essence; it is a condition produced in the air by the withdrawal of light. (Hexaemeron, Homily II)

What is Darkness?

Darkness refers to a concept. Obviously, darkness does not have Form! This is what Saint Basil was trying to get at. Since darkness is a concept it needs to be defined. Start by saying darkness is a relation of your eyes with all objects of the universe via the mediators of light connecting all atoms that we assume are EM ropes. Atoms are constantly jumping sending torsion signals to all atoms via the ropes. Never mind the concepts absorption, relay, reflection, refraction, etc. These type relationships are for certain occurrences of light. But all one need do is think simple. Suffice to say that atoms stimulate all atoms via twirling signals conveyed down EM ropes. The link length of the EM ropes is called frequency, the link height of the ropes is called amplitude. When one’s eyes are induced to receive certain frequencies the one’s relation with other objects is dark. Darkness resolves to a lack of certain frequencies which the eyes and brain can utilize. Darkness is concept conceived by Man. 

Darkness refers to a concept. This concept is used to describe the object called Earth.  In relation to the object called Earth is this relation called darkness.  God did not create darkness. Darkness does not exist. Darkness has no nature. We can all go home and sleep well knowing that this word does not refer to some primeval entity, a mythical object, a fallen angel or Hell. Darkness could be used as a figurative concept to refer to other concepts such as evil or disorder, or a weak connection in the mind, etc. Yet here I have firmly established over the course of ninety blog posts that the second verse of Genesis 1 refers to the astronomical object Earth. The sacred author saw the Earth. The Earth is the subject of the sentence. In Gen 1:2 use of the word darkness is not figurative, philosophic, mythical or even theological it is rather descriptive. The sacred author is describing the Earth as he saw it just prior to the main light-event. If you want to read a philosophy or myth or scientific theory or theology or figurative language into this word then in my opinion you depart from the intention of the sacred author which is also the intention of God.

Strictly speaking there is no darkness only a deprivation of certain frequencies that the human eye can apply in utility. This is an important point since it can be used in a sort of two-way analogy for the relationship between God and Man as well as Mother Nature and Man. God does not care what are your abilities and dispositions He just keeps on sending His gratuitous signals (graces). Mother Nature does not care what type of signals your eyes and brain can use. She just keeps sending her signals to and from all atoms by way of the EM Ropes. 

No matter where one looks the atoms of our eyes and entire body are receiving incoming signals. Light phenomenon is a constant occurrence. Light is a two way phenomenon:  to and from all atoms, just as described by Newton's and Einstein's c squared concept. Atoms are constantly giving and receiving links of rope (rope is a standing wave that twirls as it forks out at the atoms). There is no real atom that is not giving and receiving a torsion signal via the physical mediators of light. Darkness resolves to a lack of certain frequencies stimulating your eyes. It is a subjective and artificial concept. Man made it up. God did not create darkness and He only later names it in this Genesis 1 context so as to teach us through the prophet’s script.

In the Genesis 1:2 context, darkness is coupled to a preposition denoting spatial relations: the word over. Only darkness is not an object it is a concept.  The concept darkness is encircling the Earth. Put two and two together and the sacred author is clearly referring to outer space contouring the surface of the Earth, so to speak. 'Darkness over a face' resolves to spatial separation. The sacred author was mystically looking at the Earth and describing her boundary. The surface of an abyss is where the Earth’s atoms end. Just beyond her boundary there were no proximate atoms or objects made of atoms. Over the Earth’s abysmal surface there was no outgoing light signals. There was only the darkness. Space does not give or receive light signals since it lacks Form.  Only atoms give and receive light signals. 

The sacred author had a prophetic view where He could see Earth’s face and pick out the boundary from her immediate surrounding which was the darkness. The sacred author was not describing the Earth from her surface, he was rather describing the Earth as if from outer space.  Consider the Earth appearing to the sacred author in a dream something like this:

This leads us to the question as to why the sky is dark. After all if all the atoms of the universe are conveying light signals to your eyes why isn’t the sky lit up from all directions. And the answer is simple. The distance between your eyes and the objects sending the light signals is too great. Over great distances light signals fade, so to speak.

Why is the Night Sky Dark?

Darkness is a deprivation of visible light stimulating your eyes. Light is a phenomenon. Atoms stimulate atoms via torquing EM ropes. What is it that is happening when you look at the Sun? The atoms of the Sun are connected to the atoms of your eyes via the mediators of light, the microscopic DNA-like EM ropes. The solar atoms pump and vibrate torsion signals i.e. the EM rope twirling at various frequencies (link-lengths) and amps (link-heights). These signals are conveyed down along the EM ropes and induce the atoms of your eye to jump. The quantum jumping induced from the Sun is relayed from the atoms of the eyes to the brain for processing.

Light signals are conveyed rectilinear (straight) thus when you are in space and look to the side of an astronomical object either sending signals or relaying signals it will appear dark. Why? Because surrounding these objects there are no proximate (close) atoms to emit or relay signals to your eyes. Space does not send twirling light signals because this name refers to an idea. Concepts lack Form and so cannot perform actions.

If one is in space viewing an astronomical object, even if one looks to the side of that object there would still be incoming light signals since it is conceivable that every direction of the sky ends on a star or galaxy.  From countless observations there are supposed to exist gazillions (albeit a finite number) of stars and galaxies. However the light signals sent by these distant stars and galaxies comes into the eyes at a low frequency (long link-lengths). The reason is simple: distance. The mystique dark night sky resolves to distance. 

Over long distances signals sent by galaxies and stars reconfigure to frequencies below visible range. All the stars and galaxies themselves do not appear in all directions of the sky because of distance. Step back far enough away from a torch it will appear as a dot. Step away further it will disappear, nevertheless it is still there and sending signals via EM rope connected to your eyes. Only the EM ropes superimpose torquing long link-lengths such as radio. Your eyes and body are continually stimulated by light signals converging from all the atoms of the universe. Only their frequencies are not processed by our eye organs responsible for interpreting light. 

Darkness is a lack of certain frequencies stimulating your eyes. Nevertheless there are always atoms conveying light signals to atoms via EM rope connecting all atoms of the universe. Light is a phenomenon that always occurs. Darkness is an artificial brain-work drawn out of the experience of the eyes incapable of processing frequencies such as infrared, radio, ultraviolet, X-Ray, gamma-ray and so on.

Light signals are induced by all atoms pumping thus sending torsion signals down EM ropes connecting all atoms. Over great distances the signals reconfigure below visible perception. So for an observer on Earth looking up through the night sky or an observer in orbit in some directions there are no proximate atoms to emit or relay signals where there is no visible light phenomenon. 

In addition one cannot see that microscopic mediator of light, the EM ropes, thus if there are no atoms present there are still be EM ropes but these are not visible. The scientists think that there is such a thing as dark matter and such a concept as dark energy. They know that there is something mediating light and gravity between the stars and galaxies but they cannot see it. They do not realize that the mediator of light is also the mediator of gravity. And they do not know the Form of this mediator. Dark matter is the unit of matter that is EM ropes. Dark energy is simply the various torsion signals conveyed along the EM ropes. The Universe is comprised of a supposed single continuous close looped thread and the two fundamental units weaved of it: the EM rope and atoms. Thus coming out of the side of any astronomical object are gazillions of mediators which cannot be seen. 

My Interpretive Theory of Darkness in Gen 1:2

The darkness concept in Gen 1:2 is fairly simple. I assume the sacred author experienced a prophetic 3D movie of the events described in his script. He looked at the Earth, saw looked at it's Form as if orbiting her in space. He noticed a few surface features. The surface of the abyss is Earth's boundary separated by EM Ropes. 'Darkness over' refers to the separation of the Earth. Space does not convey visible light signals since it is nothing so there was nothing for the sacred author to see surrounding the face of the Earth (other than the Spirit who is a Divine Object). 

The sacred author is explaining the face of the Earth as if seeing it from outer space. End of story. It is a very simple word just as Saint Basil said. It can be comprehended by all.  Earth is contoured, so to speak, by the darkness of space. Once you realize the sacred author was experiencing a prophetic 3D movie the descriptions are easy to visualize. Just imagine yourself in place of the sacred author.

The Hebrew preposition 'ol translated as over is polysemous, meaning it has multiple related meanings, or a broad semantic field. Here it is a concept referring to spatial relations.  Synonyms could be around, surrounding, encircling, beyond.  So darkness encircling the face, around the face, surrounding the face, just beyond the face, etc.  Only like I said above the preposition 'over' spatially relates the concept darkness.  Thus one can connect the dots to solve the riddle that the darkness is the space 'contouring' the shape of the Earth that the sacred author saw in the vision.  

In this context the preposition assumes proximate spatial separation. The Earthen surface is contoured by space which is nothing and so described as darkness. 'Darkness over' is purely conceptual. It refers to spatial separation, delineation, demarcation, etc. There is nothing located in close approximation to the Earth's boundary described as a surface of abyss. Beyond the surface is the nothingness of outer space thus the sacred prophet chooses the description: darkness over.

Earth's Location

I believe God showed the sacred author the Earth as it was moving between stars. The Earth’s surface was at the time not stimulated as it is now closer to the Sun. Back then the Earth was swinging around the galactic core on a course near the Sun. She was not yet near the Sun when God first sent forth the Spirit and transfigured her surface. So perhaps the sacred author saw Earth’s shape, and some surface features, but at first impression the surface may have been a bit dim by lack the full range of perceptible frequencies coming from the Earth. In her vision Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich describes the Earth as a ‘dark globe’. It was a dark star or black dwarf moving between stars i.e. interstellar space. In any case he clearly saw a shape and some surface features since Earth was miraculously spotlighted by the Presence of the Spirit. 

In the course of the light event (described in Gen 1:3) God directs the Earth into a locked system (an inverse square regime) with the Sun, and the Moon locked in a system with the Earth so that these may convey light signals but the events begin beyond the Sun’s effect on the Earth. So perhaps the sacred author saw something like this (only a bit closer):

Or something like this:

Like I said in another post these pictures are not to be taken too literally. All I am trying to do is help place one in the eyes of the sacred author. The Earth was between stars. There was darkness beyond her boundary, however the Spirit of God was emitted from Heaven by the Father and the Son. The Presence of the Spirit provided enough light for the sacred author to see just prior to the main event. Perhaps the Spirit had one side of the Earth lit up in a preferential direction connected up to the Heaven of God.

Imagine being given a side view of God in Heaven as if a star emitting a ray of light down on a dark planet. The prophetic light beam connecting God in Heaven to the Earth lighting up one side of the Earth presents the Spirit. The Spirit was present as the Mediator of God's decisions. The Father and the Son transformed the face of the Earth via the Spirit who was sent so as to establish a Divine connection. This is extremely important to understand and I will harp on this a lot in my interpretation of Gen 1:3. But Genesis 1:2 is just prior to the main light-event thus the Spirit's Presence probably provided a little light to the Earth for the purposes of the sacred author's description. The events themselves are more important than all the subtleties of the set-up description.

Spirit of God paralleled with Darkness

Darkness over the face of the waters
Spirit of God hovering over the face of the waters

In the well-known and well-studied parallel structure of the second verse darkness is set in contrast to the Spirit of God moving or hovering or fluttering over the Earth's surface. Spirit of God and darkness are not synonyms or even antonyms. They are contrasted since the sacred author saw the Spirit moving around Earth's boundary. The Spirit is the only object proximate to the Earth. There is just the Earth, and the Spirit moving around the Earth's surface. So perhaps the movements of the Spirit lit up a portion of the Earth’s face when the command is sent and the Spirit stimulates the entire surface to erupt or expand out coinciding with a glow in the dark:

For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven, (Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)

In the prophecy the Spirit is the go between God in Heaven and the Earth.  
The Spirit is there awaiting the command to stimulate the surface. Prior to the light-event God sent the Spirit to establish a singular unprecedented connection between God and an astronomical object of the Universe called the Earth.

*** for more read the best brief cosmology article I have ever read: OLBER'S PARADOX: Explanation for the Dark Night Sky

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