Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Definition of Rational

From Fatfist's There Are No Absolutes . . . There is No Absolute Truth

"The word ‘rational’ applies specifically to statements, which are the linguistic outputs of our thoughts. We say that a statement is RATIONAL, when it meets ALL of the following criteria:

1. It does not reify concepts into objects and does not attempt to apply motion to concepts or to nothing
2. It can be visualized, illustrated, and can be put as a movie on the big screen without any missing frames.
3. Every crucial term that is referenced can be defined unambiguously and used consistently.


Object: that which has shape (something)
Concept: that which doesn’t have shape (nothing)

So clearly, what is RATIONAL has, without question, nothing to do with truth, absolutes, proof, or logic.

Rational thought is 100% without question, completely divorced from LOGICAL thought. They are in completely different categories.

1) Logical thought (truth, proof) is founded upon artificial axiomatic rules conceived by humans. Logical systems come in 2 forms which are represented in either SYMBOLIC or CONTEXTUAL languages. They are only DESCRIPTIVE, and never prescriptive. They cannot prescribe or explain reality. This means that as a language, logic (truth, proof, etc.) deals exclusively with concepts, and not objects. Hence, logic can NEVER have any EXPLANATORY power. Logic can never be used to EXPLAIN why natural phenomena happen a certain way because it deals with concepts (verbs & adverbs), and NOT objects (the nouns of reality)! Logic is only can only DESCRIBE the subjective and opinionated observations a human made via his physically limited sensory system. This is why logic is 100% DIVORCED from reality!

2) Rational thought is predicated upon reality, Mother Nature’s realm, which can only be critically reasoned by humans. It is not based on artificial axiomatic rules or any systems of logic. It is based on the realization that the universe consists of either SOMETHING (that which has shape), or NOTHING (that which doesn’t). There is NO conceivable middle ground between shape and no-shape, or any other option.....ever! This is reality, and this is what the word RATIONAL is predicated upon!!

What is rational is not subject to someone’s opinion. This is the objective criterion demanded by reality....Mother Nature’s realm. Rationality is necessarily predicated upon OBJECTIVITY, without the injection of the opinions of human observers. Otherwise, it will degrade to an issue of ordinary speech, religion, opinion, or the Symbolic Logical Religious sect known as Mathematical Physics, which is 100% dependent upon the subjectively biased observations, opinions & descriptions of humans. Not a single rational explanation can ever be offered by any discipline which is based on LOGIC."***

*** comment from the legendary Fatfist’s in his article There are No Absolutes . . . There Is No Absolute Truth Link

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  1. What is Rational:
    An explanation which:

    1) Has no contradictions

    2) Doesn’t reify objects into concepts

    3) Does not perform verbs on concepts

    4) Does not use concepts to perform verbs

    5) Uses unambiguous and consistent terms, thus being grammatically correct and understandable

    6) Can be visualized, illustrated, and can be put as a movie on the big screen as a movie without any missing frames. If it cannot be visualized, then it cannot be understood because it contradicts reality.

    A rational explanation is unbiased, observer-independent, and understandable.


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