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Noah and the Flood (Part I)

We start with Noah's lineage. Like all Mankind, Noah had his roots in Adam and Eve, the first and only natural father and mother of the human family. Adam and Eve's miraculous creation were a sub-event of the one miraculous light event described in Genesis 1. Adam's body was formed by God using some of the newly worked surface of the Earth. The Spirit had minted a new surface from using the surface waters, chemicals and buried crust of our old dark star. Blessed Anne described the material that Adam was formed from as yellow mound of Earth located in a primitive Holy Land. Both Adam and Eve's bodies were constituted differently than we are today. Adam and Eve's body and ours in them changed after their sin.

After Adam stepped forth from the hillock God took him up to Paradise. Paradise, or the Garden of Eden was located up and to the east of a primitive Holy Land. Paradise was a mystical garden somewhere up in the mountains. There God miraculously created Eve using some components of Adam's right side. Then God appeared to both of them, imparted an instruction and perhaps the Blessing and retired. Soon after Adam and Eve sinned. With their sin the surface of the Earth was cursed and Paradise was disconnected from the network of atoms. Paradise still exists. It is NOT in another 'dimension'. I suppose it is up in the sky above some mountains of the Orient. Only it is disconnected from our network of atoms, miraculously sustained, and guarded by Angels, thus no one will ever see it or enter it.

Now here is my radical supposition. I suppose that when Adam and Eve were miraculously cast down back to the surface from Paradise, the Earth had cycled in a fallen course for an indefinite time metric. It could have been billions, millions, or thousands of years. When they hit the ground the Earth was radically different from when Adam was first created. And their time back down on Earth postdated whatever happened with the hominids and all the supposed evolutionary history that everyone seems to rave about these days. Enoch and Elias' miraculous transfer up to Paradise and back down to the ground at the future reign of Antichrist is similar to what happened with Adam and Eve. They do not time travel, they were miraculously cut off from the motion of matter by God.

Is this an ad hoc hypothesis? I do not conceive it as such. This interpretation stems from a radical faith-filled study of Genesis 1 & 2 & 3 buttressed by Blessed Anne's work and a fairly long process of critical thinking and rational analysis of the Text and many other concepts. Believe me I know full well the sort of ridicule this mode of interpretation may conjure up in respected intellectual Catholics and Christians alike. In my defense this supposition and theory of mine is orders of magnitude less absurd than some of the claims made in Big-Bang, quantum, relativity, modern cosmology, nebular hypothesis, NASA's search for aliens, and other currents of modern thought.

And now we get into the subjectivity of evidence, sensory validations, proofs, truths, logical derivations, etc. Outside of Divine Revelation and Magisterium . . . evidence, proofs, formal logical validations, and truths equate to one's own opinion. That which is true to one; is lies, obscurity and blasphemy to another. If you ask me; the idea that the present human family descended from a single cell, apes and hominids is a lie, insanity, obscurity and blasphemy. But to another it is a truth buttressed by subjective evidence, formal logical validations (divorced from reality), and human authority. Or it is assumed as the rational default position.  And I do not think it is reasonably possible for a living object to naturally originate from matter. I think those who attempt to discover the origin of life are looking for a miracle.  In any case with my theory of Adam and Eve I invoke God who I understand can work the suprarational and impossible whereas Mother Nature only does that which rational or possible.

With Adam and Eve's sin, the Earth's surface was cursed.  Some of Adam and Eve's children knew that well. They understood that the very good Earth from which Adam was formed had radically changed into the punished Earth that Adam and Eve were transferred back down to from Paradise after their sin.  And it is still a pain to live, work and survive on the Earth even in spite of all the modern luxuries.  But when Noah was born his father Lamech seemed to have conceived a prophetic foresight in the event of his naming:

He named him Noah, saying, “This one will bring us comfort from our labor and from the painful toil of our hands because of the ground that the LORD has cursed.” (Genesis 5:29)

Lamech's insight into Noah is significant, otherwise it would have never been traced in this ancient Book of the Lineage of Adam known today as the fifth chapter of Genesis. Noah was of course an elect Saint and Lamech understood this.  And Noah descended from another Saint whose name is Enoch.  Enoch was Noah's great grandfather.  Enoch is described in Sacred Scripture as the one who walked with God and then he disappeared because God took him away to Paradise. Enoch is waiting, in reserve for a future mission:

Enoch pleased God, and he was transferred to Paradise, so that he might offer repentance to the nations. (From the Sacred Book of Sirach 44:15)

It might be good to cite Blessed Anne's passage about Enoch so as to establish a little context:

Enoch, Noah's ancestor, opposed that wicked race by his teachings. He wrote much. Enoch was a very good man and one very grateful to God. In many parts of the open fields, he raised altars of stone and there the fruits of the earth flourished. He gave thanks to God and offered sacrifice to Him. Chiefly in his family was religion preserved and handed down to Noah. Enoch was taken up to Paradise. There he waits at the entrance gate, whence with another he will come again before the last day. (From Mysteries of the Old Testament)

The wicked race Blessed Anne refers to are the so called Giants [Nephilim] descended from Cain. There are much mystique about them and hopefully I can clarify them in subsequent blogs. Notice how she mentions that Enoch wrote much. The Apostle Jude cited Enoch in his Epistle:

Now Enoch, the seventh in descent beginning with Adam,1 even prophesied of them, saying, “Look! The Lord is coming with thousands and thousands of his holy ones, to execute judgment on all, and to convict every person of all their thoroughly ungodly deeds that they have committed, and of all the harsh words that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” (Jude 1:14)

Obviously the great Apostle Jude took Enoch seriously. Perhaps traces of Enoch's original writings can be found in the Apocryphal Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch is not a Sacred Script and has probably been supplemented and changed many a time by scribes but like I said their are likely traces of Enoch's original script. I've read some of it and it seems to me that Enoch experienced private prophetic experiences much like Blessed Anne and later Noah. God did not abandon communication with Adam and some select children after the Fall.

But it is also important to not that Enoch knew how to trace characters and it can be assumed he had a primitive alphabet or lexical list much like the antediluvian Sumerians who I suppose also descended from another son and daughter of Adam and Eve other other than Abel, Cain, Seth (plus their wives). Primitive civilization developed fairly quickly after Adam and Eve hit the ground.  It did not take 50,000 years for Adam and Eve's children to begin signaling lexical concepts in the act of tracing.  

Also notice how Blessed Anne mentions that Adam's descendants offered sacrifice. Religion was established by Adam. It was just not the formal public religion of the Jews and later the Christians and Muslims. It was practiced privately by families led by a patriarch such as Enoch and later Noah. And of course Blessed Anne mentions Enoch's transfer up to Paradise where he awaits his future mission with Elias.

The sacred events of Enoch and Elias' transfer up to Paradise is important to me and my interpretation of Adam and Eve since there is a sort of an analogy. If Enoch and Elias can be transferred up to Paradise and await as the Earth cycles, why could Adam and Eve not be mystically suspended from the Earth's cycles for an indefinite time metric in their casting from Paradise?

I also see a profound Divine purpose in all of this. By the time Antichrist arrives, and Enoch and Elias are placed back down on the ground from Paradise, will anyone believe that Adam and Eve were the first parents (let alone that Jesus is God and Mary is the Mother of God)? I mean even today their is a significant portion of the world who do not understand or even ridicule the concept that the entire human family descended from Adam and Even. So I suppose Enoch's arrival will convict the world of their unbelief that all derived from Adam and Eve who bodies were miraculously formed and immortal souls created by none other than God. In fact the majority of the human family is descended from Enoch through Noah (but not everyone since their were at least a hundred on the Ark as we shall see).

There is this immense power, even irony, stored up in the arrival of Enoch from Paradise. He will appear different than modern men because of his ancient roots and he will announce to the world where he came from and offer repentance. And it is forecast that he will back up his words with astonishing miracles for the whole world to see for he is one of the two witnesses of the Book of Revelation (the other is Elias):

If anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths and completely consumes their enemies. If anyone wants to harm them, they must be killed this way. 6 These two have the power to close up the sky so that it does not rain during the time they are prophesying. They have power to turn the waters to blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague whenever they want. (Revelation 11:5-6)

So you see: these sacred stories are still relevant. All the words of the Sacred Script are relevant and worthy of study, meditation, etc.

In conclusion to this first part: Noah had glorious roots. He descended from Adam and Eve in the line of Seth via Enoch, Methuselah and Lamech. In the event of Noah's naming, Lamech prophesied that Noah would bring comfort.    

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