Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life is Beautiful

Life:  dynamic concept referring to an object freely moving on its own in all directions opposite the pull of gravitational attraction. Unpredictable and anti-gravitational motion. An object fighting against gravity.  A single object can generate a motion of its entire shape in a direction opposite that of gravitational attraction from within. The ability to move opposite the direction of attraction is native, inherent, inseparable to the shape itself.  

Motion:  two or more locations of an object.  Location is the set of static distances from an object to all other objects.   

Attraction: dynamic relation between two or more objects composed of many atoms where objects pull each other in direct proportion to their # of atoms and in inverse proportion to the square of the distance that separates them.

Tension: static relation between two or more atoms maintained by mutual constant torquing of the EM Ropes connecting them. 

Anti-gravitational motion: two or more locations of an object in the direction opposite the pull of gravitational attraction.

If gravitational motion is linear then anti-gravitational motion is radial . . . lateral (up-down, left right, all directions opposite). Living objects have a native ability to move opposite the direction of gravitational attraction. They have the ability to tap into, what is for them the useful pull exerted by all the atoms of the Universe not involved in the immediate gravitational system, e.g. the atoms of the Sun.

For example a tree is planted in the ground. All the atoms of the Earth are connected to all the atoms of the tree and many atoms of the Earth pair up with the atoms of the tree to tug it in the direction toward the center of the Earth via these tense EM ropes. The EM ropes maintain tension due to the C squared concept: all atoms torque light signals diametrically along the EM rope. We suppose they consummate the phenomenon of attraction via EM Ropes effectively converging on the tree at steep angles. The tree, from seed is tied down by torquing EM ropes originating in the atoms of the Earth. But from seed it has the inherent ability to move itself radially and laterally in spite of the Earth's gravitational attraction. This motion is a great feat. This is why living objects have to utilize the stimulation of the Sun in photosynthesis: to help it's atoms move out radially and laterally.

This life is broadly defined as unpredictable motion. I've read some cellular processes that are seemingly non-causal. No two copies ever align the same, no doubt due to the eternal motion of atoms. And yet living objects seems to maintain a profound and subtle integrity and resilience in spite of all atoms of the Universe pulling them in all directions.  At least until death.  And they are certainly not puppets on tethers. So living object is, at least to me a sort of miracle but maybe that is because I am ignorant.

Another example of anti-gravitational motion would be to simply raise one's arm straight up.

The reason for this native ability or cause of this ability is a matter of philosophy physics and biology (and perhaps theology). Personally I think it is a combination of complex physical processes of the whole body combined with the presence of a fundamental entity interfacing the body called the soul. But I really have no detailed theory for the phenomenon of life at the present. It is too much for me! In any case before a cell can perform any function it must be able to move opposite the direction of gravitational attraction.  

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