Monday, February 17, 2014

Crothers: On Einstein's Field Equations & Big Bang/Black Hole Contradictions

Gaede and Crothers met last year and put together what will be classics.  

Crothers dismantles Einstein's Field Equations along with Big-Bang and Black Hole models using one or two sheets of paper while Gaede videotapes over his shoulder:

BH contradicts BB Part I

BH contradicts BB Part II

In this third video Gaede does a little introduction and Crothers enters to dismantle Einstein's Field Equations using a single sheet of paper with Gaede videotaping over his shoulder.  

This is excellent work done by Crothers and Gaede.  Crothers has done a great service here, but fortunately one need not even dwell too much on the equations since the assumptions and explanations inferred from these equations completely fail at the conceptual level.  They do not stand before critical thinking and rational analysis.  And this is really what these videos are all about.

We are in an interpretive war.  

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  1. These equations are like the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories from the 80s & 90s


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