Friday, February 21, 2014

There are No Physical Laws

In terms of physics:  Are there any rules/laws of the Universe?

I often see people stating that gravity is a law, e.g. Hawking:

“Because there is a law like gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”

It is a shame that any physicist would call gravity a law.  Gravity resolves to a dynamic concept or a universal phenomena continuously consummated between all atoms via objective mediators physically connecting all atoms. Gravity is not a law. Gravity is our idea of what atoms and physical mediators DO.

And laws or concepts do not impart causal actions or undergo change effects.  Only objects, such as atoms or mediators, can impart causal relations or undergo change effects to collectively consummate gravity.
But seriously are there physical laws written into matter?

I don't think so. This is an artificial construct of the brain. Physical laws are conceptual tools legislated by the scientific community. These guys think they are anointed and want to put their name in front of a physical law.

But atoms and EM Ropes connecting atoms do not recognize laws. They exist. Atoms just keep on pumping: giving EM links (when contracting) to all atoms and receiving EM links (when expanding) from all atoms (this is the physical interpretation of the c squared concept).

When an atom is excited and pumps at a quicker rate the frequency increases and what happens is that on average more EM thread becomes available between atoms. The atom is giving more than it is receiving. And this excited state disrupts atoms nearby.

There is no in between to the continuous atomic jumping, i.e. expansion and contraction.  Essentially all atoms do is continuously pump, perhaps in phase, giving EM links to all atoms and receiving EM links from all atoms.

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