Sunday, March 2, 2014

Radical Traditionalists/Ultra-Conservatives: 101

This post is exclusively aimed at Roman Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church is said to have more than one billion members worldwide.  With this comes all sorts of groups and diversity.  Diversity and a spectrum of groups can be great manifestation of God's work, but not always.  This article is a quick description of some tendencies in the members of a group within the Church which could be labelled ultra-conservative or radical traditionalist.  There is a whole spectrum of ultra-conservatism, radical traditionalism or plain conservatism but this list should be able to paint a sufficient picture:

* They tend to criticize or outright reject the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Some in this group even think the evil in the Church and the World today was a result of Vatican II: a thought that is beyond insane.  

* They tend to favor the Traditional Latin Mass or in extreme cases outright reject the current form of the Mass in favor to the TLM.

* They tend to favor the 'good ole days' and in extreme cases want to go back to the good ole days.

* They tend to favor a stodgy and decadent form of Thomism/Aristotelianism.  I would even suppose that some rad trads idolize Aquinas, maybe even Augustine, much to the ruin of their brains. (Note:  there is literature of thousands upon thousands of good Catholic Christian thinkers)

* They have Pharisaical tendencies.  All the criticism Jesus launched at the Pharisees can be applied to this group.

* They tend to act Triumphalist or take the attitude that before the 60's the Church was right about everything She did.

* They tend to overemphasize petty religious laws, rules, precepts, (e.g. Canon laws) in contrast to the immaculate morals in the Way of Christ Jesus.  

* They tend to overemphasize eschatology

* Their personal interpretations of Sacred Scripture are appalling, or cut and paste

* Pending context, they tend to act domineering or the extreme opposite: overly submissive

* They tend to behave superficially or petty

* They lack critical thinking and rational analysis skills

* They have the habit of appealing to authority especially Magisterial documents without understanding how the Magisterium works or how Magisterial Teachings relate to Divine Revelation. Online they tend to blindly quote Magisterial documents without any sort contextual analysis or thought-process.

* They tend to overemphasize specific Marian Apparitions such as Fatima.

* Some in this group are European Monarchists.

* It was just brought to my attention that some in this group promote a new wave of Geocentrism based in the U.S.

* Some of the more extreme members of this category doubt or outright reject the Messianic authority of the elected Popes since Vatican II.  

* They tend to act prudish (which is not the tried and true virtue of chastity/modesty)

* They tend not to be uptight at Mass or in prayer

* They tend to have an unrealistic view of the Roman Catholic Church (not to mention the world)

* They are idealogues

I have no idea what kind of readership this blog gets.  Recently I have focused more on physics.  I imagine that not many Catholics come here.  But the reason I made this list is because I have witnessed the young and the naive fall prey to the wolves of this group.  I thoroughly understand how much direct and indirect harm the members of this group can inflict on the innocent sheep of Christ Jesus.  It is a TERRIBLE thing to witness.  

Some of my blogs are polemical, but I advise in all sincerity to not associate with these people.  Turn away from them and never look back.  Do NOT follow their teachings. There are other ways to learn and live the Catholic Christian Faith than through these people.

And don't follow me or my teachings.  Follow Christ Jesus and use your brain.  Be brave and be your own unique child of God.  Follow and learn from Pope Francis who holds the keys.  Follow the Scriptures; learn the Magisterial teachings; learn critical thinking and rational analysis skills.  Also acknowledge and follow Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome and his valid successors!  

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