Friday, April 11, 2014

A Definition of Nothing for Physics and Philosophy

Nothing refers to that which lacks form

A synonym of nothing could be concept, for all concepts relate a minimum of two things.  Antonyms of nothing are thing, object, entity, body, etc.  

Nothing and all referred concepts alike lack the only innate, intrinsic, natural, observer independent property conceivable, namely form.  Form is synonymous with shape, architecture, pattern, figure, configuration, structure. Form refers to that which is bound or contained.  Form refers to a what, i.e. what is bound in context to the object in question, itself.  Res Ipsa Loquens.  Form implies a boundary or boundaries.  The name Form takes on a specialized meaning used to define Object, and is by far the most important name in all philosophy and physics alike.

But in any case, it is very amusing to see people waste their time on discourses De Nada.  Truly, a sign of the times.  

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