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The Old Earth and the New Earth

The Earth is an old dark star, older than the Sun, and probably older than the current accepted age of 'the Universe' (whatever that is). You could call our Earth a black dwarf or an ancient star. From a religious view I would describe the Earth as elect: one among all stars that were or ever will be.

In terms of mainstream science, this is a minority opinion, however I assume that the majority of people living today (7 billion) only have only a vague understanding of our Earth's history. They may not have ever stopped to ponder how our Earth formed, and what may have been its history. But even if most people adhered to the mainstream opinion of our Earth's formation and history called the nebular hypothesis, an individual, IMHO should never adhere to an idea so important such as this as a sheep following the crowd.

The Old Earth

Some Quotes to serve as food for thought:

If we once realize all this earth as it is, we should find ourselves in a land of miracles: we shall discover a new planet at the moment that we discover our own. Among all the strange things that men have forgotten, the most universal and catastrophic lapse of memory is that by which they have forgotten that they are living on a star.

---G.K. Chesterton from The Defendant

The different heavenly bodies are now, therefore, at different stages of development. Some of these stars shine with a white or bluish light and are in the earliest stages of development, others, which have developed further, are yellowish and our Sun is one of these. Finally, the stars which have cooled most and are already going out shine with a red light. A further stage of cooling is represented by the planets which can no longer shine with their own light. Our Earth is one of these. Thus, a study of the different heavenly bodies gives us an idea of the different stages of cooling of our own planet.

There was a time when the Earth, too, was passing through the same stage of development as the Sun, namely that of being a yellow star. Later, as it gradually radiated its heat outwards into the cold interplanetary space, it became cooler and cooler. It turned from a yellow star into a red one, its light became dimmer and dimmer and finally went out altogether. The Earth became a dark planet.

--- Alexander Oparin from Origin of Life

Unlike the nebular or “derivative hypothesis,” as I call it, in all of its permutations, which proposes that planets form from material derived from proto-stars in one process, the transformation hypothesis views individual planets as later stages in the evolution of individual stars. Thus, the transformation hypothesis can be viewed as the natural history of stellar objects as they evolve through various stages.

--- Anthony Abruzzo from Interpretations of Solar System Phenomena according to the Transformation Hypothesis

In conclusion, it can be stated that the Solar System is as old as the time when the Sun began to acquire planets, since by definition a solar system is a central stellar object that has at least one planet in orbit around it. However, at this time of acquisition, the planet or planets that gave rise to the “system” were already in existence and were not formed in the same process from which the Sun was formed.

--- Anthony Abruzzo from Formation and Age of the Solar System

Planets are ancient stars and stars are young planets . . . Planet formation is star evolution. Referring to stars as planets and planets as stars are both correct. They are synonymous terms. It should also be understood by the reader that the word planet is from the ancient Greek for “wandering star” (aster planetes). Stars are planets, they are the same objects.
--- Jeffrey Wolynski from Stellar Metamorphosis: An Alternative for the Star Sciences

. . . the Earth is a cinder of what was once a star.

--- Bill Gaede from Earth is Older than the Sun

A black dwarf is a white dwarf that has sufficiently cooled that it no longer emits significant heat or light.

--- Wikipedia from Black Dwarf

​​​​​​“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell me, if you possess understanding! Who set its measurements – if you know –or who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its bases set or who laid its cornerstone – when the morning stars sang in chorus, and all the sons of God [the Angels] shouted for joy?

--- Job 38:4-7

And when Earth was an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyss
and the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of waters:
God said, “Let light happen.” And light happened.

--- Genesis 1:2-3

The New Earth

My religious commentary in regards to the above quotes:

As a Roman Catholic Christian I believe that the Earth was chosen by God as an object of His special grace after the Fall of the Angels. God simply moved Heaven close to the Earth which was moving between stars, somewhere close to our Sun which was in its infancy. Then God sent forth the Spirit to the Earth and through the Spirit, miraculously transformed the face of the Earth. This is the light event prophetically described in Genesis 1. The light-event is a wondrous miracle which understanding cannot be related by sheer science. In the light-event God miraculously formed or created the first modern atmosphere, the first landmasses, new oceans, fountains, the first plants and animals, as well as Adam and Eve. God made the Earth to be home for his new children of grace, namely, Adam and Eve and their descendants who were to take the places of the fallen angels in Heaven. When God transfigured the Earth in the light-event all things were perfect, pristine and astonishingly beautiful (much more so than today).

But then Adam and Eve both sinned, and the Earth and all that was on her surface was cursed by God and evolved in a fallen course for many revolutions around the Sun. When God placed Adam and Eve back down on Earth from a the disconnected Paradise (where Eve was created from Adam's side), Earth was radically different from when Adam was first formed by God using the refurbished crust in the light event. We have never seen the Earth as it was originally made by God. This is why we await the new creation in Christ Jesus. Everything on the surface of the Earth is now struggling under a just punishment administered by God. That is why things are wild and there is strife even in Nature. And of course men continue to sin and cause so much misery to each other. But after Jesus Returns there will be a new creation event and a New Earth with a transformed just human family will ensue just like the prophet Isaiah, the Apostles Peter and John; and of course Jesus predicted so long ago. And God will sustain our New Earth forever.  And there will be peace.  All is not lost, because of Jesus.  It is even said in the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book of the Bible, that God will light up the New Earth permanently:  an everlasting Divine light event.

Then we will see the New Earth in the reign of Christ Jesus and all men together will understand that only God can solve all our problems through the death of Jesus. But the human family has many long years of sufferings and trials ahead before it arrives to the New Earth. Everything written in Sacred Scripture must come to pass. All of Mary's plans for our times will come to fruition.

The Earth is besmirched by the sins of men. The day is coming when the Lord will transform everything and you will see the beauty of creation. The beauty which is invisible to your eyes will become visible to the just ones after the definitive triumph of my Immaculate Heart. After the great tribulation, the Lord will come to your aid and you will see a new Heaven and a new Earth. (Mary's Message to Pedro Regis in Brazil, February 8th 2014)

But through it all the Earth was and always will be an old dark star which God chose a long, long time ago.  If this all sounds like a fairy tale then so be it.  Christians are suppose to live in sinless peace awaiting the joyful coming of the Lord and Savior Jesus Chirst.    

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