Monday, September 22, 2014

Catholic Geocentric Quotes of the Year

"Look, I understand that geocentrists want to promote this truth throughout all of Christianity, but do you people really think that "conservative" Catholics are going to fully accept geocentrism as they go to Novus Ordo Masses? The Novus Ordo is a direct result of heliocentrism, and the worship of man over God. If you can accept a Mass that revolves around the people, you've already accepted that the universe doesn't revolve around Calvary. There's no in between."
. . .
"Traditionalism and geocentrism are married. There's no such thing as a traditional Catholic heliocentrist, nor is there a Novus Ordo geocentrist."
. . .
"My son, who is 7, tells people that the sun revolves around the earth. I know that it's just the tip of the iceberg, theologically speaking, but it's a profound statement from a second grader."

---Airwreck Darp, from the Catholic Cosmology and Geocentrism forum on facebook.

Statements like these take idiocy to new heights. Seriously, people like this must love suffering. It takes a very special breed to utter statements like this (and one with unique experiences to even begin to comprehend such a statement. I grew up with people like this). This is what you get when you mix religious fanaticism, a mentally ill and suicidal culture, mineral deficiency and imbalances; ultra-conservatism, a lost and confused Church; and lack of education.

Thank you for giving Roman Catholics a good representation Airwreck! And thank you Rick DeLano for praising Airwreck.

And don't forget to check out those Neo-Geocentrists. They are really making waves! 

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  1. Today the Catholic Cosmology and Geocentrism Group on Facebook are discussing whether or not it is necessary to believe in Geocentrism for salvation. What a bunch of loons. Jesus came to save us from the influence of people like this.


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