Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rationality vs. Logic

Mike's new podcast.  Mike has excellent commentary and a great voice.

Logic is perpetual regurgitation.  

Towards the end Mike uses creation ex nihilo as an example.
God cannot possibly create space because space refers to an idea. Not even God can create an idea.  Nonsense.  This relation is completely out of the question even for a practicing Roman Catholic.

I believe the Holy Trinity created the set of objects named matter, but Mike is right.  This notion is irrational or suprarational, or supernatural.  One could use any of these words.  God does the impossible, inconceivable and seemingly irrational in terms of philosophy and physics or rational scientific method.  I can explain electron, where electron begins and where it ends, how electron evolves, but I cannot explain how God created the Thread and formed it into a wonderful network.  As far as I understand God conceived and it just happened at His will.  But this is not scientific explanation.  This event is what Roman Catholics call a miracle. Only God works miracles.  They cannot be scientifically explained. And btw, God validates His own miracles by performing new miracles.  Theologians don't validate God's miracles using logic. If that is what they do, then they need to get a life.      

And so it is.

But Mike's podcast is excellent for learning about the intellectual life and using these ideas for intellectual practice and life in general. Roman Catholics live by Faith and Reason.  Fides et Ratio.  This has always been the case, and this marriage of Faith and Reason is even rooted in the practice of the Ancients and Jewish Religion which helped prepare for the coming of Jesus.  

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