Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today's World in Three Sentences

Courtesy of the Book of Wisdom. In chapter 11, the holy writer begins to talk about Moses leading the Israel through the desert via Wisdom, and navigating through all the nations they had to face. But then he goes off into this loose and sublime tangent, elucidating our relationship with God with all of these fundamental insights into the nations of Moses' time and perhaps all time and their insatiable desire for idolatry which by the way is still alive today in many different modes. By chapter 14 he says:

And it was not enough for them to go astray concerning the knowledge of God, but also, while living in a great war of ignorance, they call so many and such great evils ‘peace.’
For either they sacrifice their own sons, or they make dark sacrifices, or they hold vigils full of madness, so that now they neither protect life, nor preserve a clean marriage, but one kills another through envy, or grieves him by adultery. 
And all things are mixed together: blood, murder, theft and fraud, corruption and infidelity, disturbances and perjury, disorder within good things, forgetfulness of God, pollution of souls, alteration of procreation, inconstancy of marriage, unnatural adultery and homosexuality. (Wisdom 14:22-26, CPDV)

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