Thursday, January 8, 2015

Permanent Agriculture: Permaculture

There have been rumors and announcements that Pope Francis will release an encyclical about the environment this year. I think this is providential. During the little Tribulation people of developed nations will have to start thinking about their infrastructures and how unwise all their planning and development has been. We live in a very superficial type of modern advancement, a superficial sophistication . . . run by greedy and ruthless people.  In addition, families will be forced to learn ways to sustain themselves.  

Personally, I'm going to devote some time this year to studying permanent agriculture, also known as permaculture. I downloaded a free 100 plus page book written by one of the originators or the concept, Bill Mollison:

Permaculture is a holistic set of visionary ideas about agriculture, horticulture, architecture, ecology, economics, etc. I think concepts nested into permaculture are the future of civilization.  Permaculturists are very bright, and enlightened thinkers and they apply their ideas to great success.      

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