Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pope Francis' Encyclical Missed Permaculture and Holistic Management

It was a brilliant encyclical by Pope Francis.  I'm very happy and grateful that he wrote it.  To me it is clear that the Holy Spirit wants us to take this radical redirection.  It may take many years and sufferings for all this to come to fruition.  We will also need help from Heaven, providence, miracles, special gifts, etc. because the greedy powers that be will work hard to never let this project get off the ground in an intense manner.  

If there were concepts I wish Pope Francis would have named, it was Permaculture and Holistic Management.  This would have introduced many to these systems developed by some of the most brilliant and admirable people over the past 50 years.  In fact some of Pope Francis' sentences were almost identical to the core tenets of Permaculture.  These ideas could gradually be learned and implemented all around the world.  To get basic ideas of Permaculture and Holistic Management you can begin with the Wiki articles and work through all the figures of these movements. There is so much information out there about these systems and the young can even travel and learn from the masters of Permaculture on their own farms.    

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