Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Martin Crawford Quote from Farm of the Future

Martin Crawford is from Great Britain. He has one of the most advanced Forest Gardens in the world, which he uses for research and writing. He was featured in a stunning documentary called "Farm of the Future" about a woman who decided to take over her father's farm only to realize that she had to change her design and strategy. The reason I provide this quote is because the world is slowly becoming a desert. The world is losing an estimated 83 billion tons of soil a year to useless crops. People who care have to start new designs, models and strategies for the future.  This is just one little idea.  

Crawford: ""It would help enormously if we could move more towards nuts and less towards cereal, because they are much more sustainable, they grow on trees. In other parts of Europe, and France and Italy, there is a big tradition of growing hazelnuts and chestnuts, walnuts, you know an orchard crop like a sweet chestnut takes far less energy and maintenance to grow than a field of wheat."

Narrator: Less energy and maintenance maybe but can the yield of nuts really compare with a cereal crop?

"Well if you are talking sweet chestnuts, you're talking two tons an acre which is pretty much what you get growing wheat organically. And the composition of chestnut is almost identical to that of rice. So its very similar to other growings in terms of caloric value."

Narrator: Even at this experimental stage Martin's nut orchard and forest garden have a huge output for such a tiny acreage.

What I have noticed is that the nutrition of modern cereals such as wheat, corn, rice is useless. Why we grow these valueless foods is inexplicable other than greed. Their lack of value is due to a variety of reasons such as hybridization, GM, poor soil quality, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers, monoculture, etc.  Most of these cereals are processed in some possibly harmful ways before consumption. In addition these crops are the major culprits of soil destruction which is the base element of healthy ecosystems, economy, civilization and most importantly humans.

What I've noticed is that the most nutritious form of wheat, called Einkorn, also the most ancient strain never hybridized, (presently grown in Italy in a decent manner) has about the same nutritional profile as most nuts and seeds. I could pick pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc. and there is a similar profile. So the point of this is that if we want a decent staple we have to turn to a source that is sustainable and mimics the first major crop of civilization namely, Einkorn. The body can learn to digest nuts well with the help of Sea Salt and one doesn't need as many of them to meet caloric needs. Everyone could rest under their nut tree.  Or we could continue to eat donuts, use disgusting corn products and destroy the Earth.  

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