Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Petroleum Man

"What we can say now without any shadow of doubt
is that Petroleum Man is just about extinct by the end
of this century. That poses the thorny difficult question:
Will Homo Sapiens be as wise as his name implies
and figure out a way to live without oil which is the
bloodstream of virtually everything."

--- Dr. Colin J. Campbell (retired British petroleum geologist)

I copied this quote from the BBC documentary called Farm of the Future following the journey of a British woman who decided to take over her father's farm, but discovered that she could no longer keep it running like her father did.  She found other farmers in her region who pioneered other visionary techniques and designs.  For example one that pasture raised cattle year round, another that used Permaculture Design and ecological restoration and still another that designed a Forest Garden or Food Forest as they call them.

There are thousands of brilliant low-energy ideas out there that yield just as much if not more than conventional farms.  These ideas are full of wisdom and have been proven effective.  One works in harmony with the Earth instead of against it.  Its wonderful to learn how plants and animals can work together, mutually benefiting one another and it must be fulfilling to guide this process and survive using these techniques.  Right now the Permaculture movement is on fire across the world.  It is just a matter of whether or not we are going to wake up before its too late and many people have to suffer in the transition.  It sure would be nice if governments would pitch a little help, but don't count on it.  Some are corrupt and in deep with Petro, GM seeds, and other evil greedy stuff that is difficult to imagine.

Personally I've made some adjustments for the transition off of oil, but what I've discovered is that in a lot of ways I'm inept.  I don't have the skills or even the means to do what I could have easily done were I younger.  I'm a sore product of my ridiculous culture. But dear young people, you don't have to be.  You can lead a renewal.  The Earth is crying out to be restored.  And we can make a new start, and live wisely and skillfully.  Help the Earth, and let it help you, and help each other.  Don't live like Petroleum Man. Petroleum man is unhappy, unhealthy, unwise, and unenlightened.                   

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