Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Thread of Thread Theory

One cannot detect the twined EM Threads, directly, with the eye since 1. they are microscopic & 2. they are supposed to mediate light phenomenon to and from the atoms of the eye. Also, the EM Ropes and even more fundamentally the Thread can intersect, converge, superpose, or pass through another similar without any hindrance to their motion. This idea has been a stumbling block for some, but it is consistent with observation and experiment, e.g. pass two lasers through one another.

Something similar has been noted by renown scientists of the past and up to this day; only we assume that a unique fundamental object intersects and performs without disturbing another similar. So for example EM Ropes can cross right through other EM Ropes or the arced Magnetic Threads of the Electron can pass through one another as they spin around the nucleus. It is only when we have an intersection or overlap of so much thread at a location that another moving thread may get disturbed, hindered, stopped, redirected, reformed, etc. This critical overlap is exemplified by the proton which is a crisscrossing convergence of gazillions of taut and straight electric threads fed by the EM Ropes coming from all atoms. Protons of course are very powerful and durable.

The critical density can also be exemplified by the arced magnetic threads of heavier atomic elements. The tips of a gazillions magnetic threads could briefly converge as they spin.  This would temporarily render that location impenetrable. This may have something to do with the magnetic moment. And then when we consider the human body obviously the skin is composed of a high density of thread and so alpha (a helium ion) easily gets stopped.

Here are some quotes (but note Maxwell and Huygens are stuck in wave mentality):

Maxwell: “ Equation (361) for the electromagnetic field is linear in the field,… this means that two waves can travel through each other without disturbing each other” (J. Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force, Philosophical Magazine 21 (1861))
Huygens: “ Another property of waves of light, and one of the most marvelous, is that when some of them come from different or even from opposing sides, they produce their effect across one another without any hindrance…the waves do not destroy nor interrupt one another when they cross one another” (C. Huygens, Treatise on Light (1678) trans. S. Thompson (1912) p. 22)
Grosseteste: "Corporeity, therefore, is either light itself or the agent which performs the aforementioned operation and introduces dimensions into matter in virtue of its participation in light, and acts through the power of this same light. But the first form cannot introduce dimensions into matter through the power of a subsequent form. Therefore light is not a form subsequent to corporeity, but it is corporeity itself.
Furthermore, the first corporeal form is, in the opinion of the philosophers, more exalted and of a nobler and more excellent essence than all the forms that come after it. It bears, also, a closer resemblance to the forms that exist apart from matter. But light is more exalted and of a nobler and more excellent essence than all corporeal things. It has, moreover, greater similarity than all bodies to the forms that exist apart from matter, namely, the intelligences (i.e. Angels). Light therefore is the first corporeal form." (Robert Grosseteste, De Luce)

The medieval philosopher Robert Grosseteste was onto something here. Notice how he compares this first corporeal form---which for us is basically synonymous with the EM Ropes---with angels and God. These are his believed supernatural forms that exist apart from the network of matter.

So what is obvious to me is that the Thread is unique.

lasers pass through each other unimpeded

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