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The Solution to Red Shift

The first corporeal form . . . is in my opinion light.  All things are one by the perfection of one light. (Robert Grosseteste, De Luce) 
... both incline to the opinion, however, that if the red-shift is not due to recessional motion, its explanation will probably involve some quite new physical principles [... and] use of a static Einstein model of the universe, combined with the assumption that the photons emitted by a nebula lose energy on their journey to the observer by some unknown effect, which is linear with distance, and which leads to a decrease in frequency, without appreciable transverse deflection. . . (Edwin Hubble, Two Methods of Investigating the Nature of the Nebular Redshift, Astrophysical Journal, 1935)

Thank you for the introduction Hubble. Indeed it turns out that the solution to redshift is deceptively simple. It was never to be found in a mythical and impossible expansion of this concept called spacetime. It was always hidden within the architecture of the physical mediator of light phenomena. Physicists of the 20th century dropped the ball on light and the electron. They failed to discard irrational assumptions and models so as to brainstorm new ideas and new models of light as well as it's intrinsic relation to the electron. Instead they turned to an exclusive focus on describing the behavior of light and the electron via mathematics. These blunders will be featured in my next article, however in this article let us focus on Redshift.

The Physical Mediator of Light      

Redshift and blueshift is a natural mechanism of the twined DNA like mediators interconnecting all the atoms of the Universe. A fundamental assumption of Thread Theory is that all the atoms of the Universe are connected by Electromagnetic Ropes. These DNA like entities converge and bifurcate to form all the Hydrogen atoms of the Universe which consistent with modern thought fuse or combine to form heavier atomic elements or molecules. These of course serve to build stars, galaxies and us. Here is a simple model of two Hydrogen atoms:

The physical mediator of Light, the EM Ropes, furnishes the principle of continuity in nature, as the first physical form it is common to all things in the Universe from the lowest of the elements to the stars and galaxies. 

EM Ropes converge and fork out to form the electron shell and proton. All atoms are induced to pump like a heart (i.e. Bohr's quantum jumping). As they pump they torque the EM Ropes extending radially to all the atoms of the Universe. The composite friction of the Electric Threads and Magnetic Threads rubbing as the atom pumps is what is detected as charge. Light resolves to a phenomena collectively mediated by all atoms and the torque signals moving rectilinearly along the taut EM Ropes connecting all atoms one to another. All atoms torque signals to and from each other consistent with the c squared concept.  Tension between all EM Ropes is maintained by the continuous torquing of the EM Ropes in quantum jumping (as well as vibration), a motion which is unceasing.  Here is a model of a type of quantum jump:

In between stars and galaxies is a mesh of countless EM Ropes extending to and from the atoms of all galaxies and this constitutes the so called Background Radiation that they have spent billions to measure. Consistent with century old observations, the fine microscopic EM Ropes comprised of the fundamental, non-composite, 3D physical entity (the Thread) are able to converge, superimpose, and pass through another similar unimpeded, without hindrance . . . without destruction to their structure . . . without interruption to their torquing motion . . . without disturbance. This unique property of the EM Ropes, and the Thread has been a stumbling block to many, e.g. the particle physicists.  Even so, it has been recognized by many that light can pass on light. Everyone can confirm this by taking two lasers and passing their rays right through the other. Indeed this is why the EM Ropes DO NOT tangle on their way to and from all atoms.  For appeals to authority both Maxwell and Huygens have recognized this unique property of the physical medium of light:

Maxwell: “ Equation (361) for the electromagnetic field is linear in the field,… this means that two waves can travel through each other without disturbing each other” (J. Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force, Philosophical Magazine 21 (1861))

Huygens: “ Another property of waves of light, and one of the most marvelous, is that when some of them come from different or even from opposing sides, they produce their effect across one another without any hindrance…the waves do not destroy nor interrupt one another when they cross one another” (C. Huygens, Treatise on Light (1678) trans. S. Thompson (1912) p. 22) 

Please note that both Huygens and Maxwell were stuck in the old assumption of waves.  This assumption has never been dropped to this day even though transverse waves cannot simulate all the static and dynamic properties of light.  A rope like architecture is a standing wave and can simulate all the dynamic and static properties of light with flying colors.  A twirling rope is able to apply pressure to an atom inducing it to pump due to the unique bifurcation architecture of the EM Rope in relation to the atoms. A rope-like configuration can even be used to explain the famed EPR experiment (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) which the quantum mechanics have never been able to offer an even remotely rational explanation for to this day.


Now suppose we have two galaxies separated by a great distance. Every single atom of galaxy A is connected to every single atom of galaxy B by EM Ropes.  Suppose you are in galaxy A looking at galaxy B at night.  Galaxy B appears to you as a dot.  The reason is that over a great distance the EM Ropes connecting all the atoms of the two galaxies converge and superimpose. Light propagates rectilinearly, so light “rays” have no choice but to converge together as they propagate from their source to their target object when the distance between them increases.  Distance is really the length of an EM Rope connecting any two atoms.  

When the atoms of galaxy A and galaxy B are connected at great lengths the links of EM Rope should become longer, i.e. there frequency decreases (in quantum/relativity lingo lose energy) as we move further away from the light source, that is the atoms.  Indeed, as the twisting light signals extend outward from the atoms of galaxy A toward the atoms of galaxy B (or vice versa) the link-lengths (corresponding to frequency and color: see picture below) should 'shift' becoming longer (corresponding to lower frequencies and change of color or redshift).  As signals move further from the ends of the rope, the atoms, and unto the center the links become longer and longer.  All rope entities exhibit this 'unravelling' architecture around their center.    

This mechanism is static: it invokes no momentum or motion or collision because this is what a rope like architecture exhibits at rest!!!  It matters not whether galaxies A & B are moving toward or away from one another and the age of the galaxies is irrelevant. There will always be a central location along EM Ropes of great length where the twisting signals over-extend.  This is because of the architecture of the physical mediator of light which is configured like a rope. This is why all distance galaxies exhibit redshift in relation to others.

As a corollary it stands to reason that the greater the distance, i.e. the greater the length of the EM Ropes connecting that atoms of any two galaxies, the more opportunity there is for the twisting light signals originating in the atoms to 'shift' toward ever longer link-lengths (corresponding to lower frequency and change of color to the left of the EM spectrum).

Now suppose galaxy A and galaxy B are moving away from each other.  The links of EM Rope will simply dynamically redshift, i.e. the same links connecting the two become longer as they move away from their atomic sources.  And when galaxy A and galaxy B move toward one another the atoms will slightly compress the EM ropes in the direction of motion in what they call 'blueshift' (decrease in link-length, increase in frequency, change in color toward right of EM spectrum).  And by the way, some of these ideas were experimentally confirmed by the Harvard Tower Experiment performed by Rebka-Pound.  They simply could not conceive of the correct mediator of light to work Mother Nature's magic tricks. It seems that the scientists gave up on light a long time ago in favor of mystical creation and annihilation of photons and a gooey stretchy spacetime.

an atom of galaxy A is connected to an atom of galaxy B by a single EM Rope

But of course we try to live by critical thinking and rational analysis.  A rope like entity is a rational supposition for the mediator of light and gravity.  A magical photon suddenly appearing or disappearing, to and from nowhere (in gazillions of creation and annihilation events happening at all electrons) and then stretching as a transverse wave due the metric expansion of this mystical concept called space is impossible, not to mention ridiculous.

And so it is.  Redshift is easily explained by EM Rope Hypothesis and Thread Theory.  The underlying mechanisms of Mother Nature are elegant and beautiful just like any sane physicist of the centuries supposed.  The only wonderful and breathtaking mystique is the incomprehensible and inexplicable ability of light rays (EM ropes) to pass through light rays (EM ropes).  I hope to share additional thoughts on this unique behavior of the medium of light in future articles.  Suffice it to say that the fundamental entity is non-composite thus it stands to reason that in this radical microscopic context it would be able to pass through any similar without touching.  EM Ropes are the most durable and wonderful physical entity of the Universe. What else could be responsible for the wonderful work of heat and energy?  

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The Noah Series Part III (Genesis 6:1-8)

The first two parts of my interpretation are here:

Noah and the Flood Part I
The Cycles of Noah: Part II

Genesis 6:1-8

The fifth Chapter of Genesis is an ancient genealogical list I assume was originally engraved on metal plates. With each succession of Seth’s line an engraved metal plate was added. This list was passed down to the Jews and of course copied and edited using different materials. Chapter six initiates a new little narrative I assume was written by ancients perhaps close relatives to Noah. This sequence (verses 1-8) of the Sacred Script is tricky. It is a translator’s nightmare because committing to an interpretation will pose some radical problems that have to be seen through. Now I am going to stick my neck out, and commit to a controversial interpretation that some may not like.  This is a direct grown up interpretation.  The type of interpretation scholars shy away from.  

Genesis 6:1

When Man began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them,

The circumstance is the first few generations of Adam and Eve’s children. In the Bible children of Adam and Eve are generally called 'the Man' an article prefaced form of the Hebrew word for Adam since Adam was the first father. Bible translations usually render this form of Adam: Man, mankind, humankind, homines, etc. Use of this word includes both men and woman all of whom ultimately descended from Adam and Eve. Later in the sequence daughters of Man are set in contrast with sons of God.

Note how the holy writer of this Script sets the multiplication ‘on the face of the Earth’. The first generations of Adam and Eve, our first Father and Mother, understood that Adam and Eve came from Paradise which was not on the face of the Earth but up in the atmosphere and to the East perhaps over the mountains of the Near East (the Himalayas). Adam and Eve ‘fell’ so to speak to the Earth’s surface after their sin. God miraculously moved them from Paradise which was a strip of land up in the atmosphere to the Earth’s surface. It is my controversial opinion that this event was some sort of inexplicable and incomprehensible supernatural process wrought by God in relation to Adam and Eve. From Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich (who by the way John Paul II beatified):

I saw Adam and Eve reach the earth, their place of penance. Oh, what a touching sight those two creatures expiating their fault upon the naked earth! Adam had been allowed to bring an olive branch with him from Paradise, and now he planted it. Later on, the Cross was made from its wood. Adam and Eve were unspeakably sad. Where I saw them, they could scarcely get a glimpse of Paradise, and they were constantly descending lower and lower. It seemed as if something revolved and they came at last,through night and darkness, to the wretched, miserable place upon which they had to do penance. (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

From the time Adam and Eve were in Paradise to the time they arrived on the face of the Earth after their sin, Earth had moved in a fallen course for many countless years, perhaps billions. So Adam and Eve woke up to find themselves on an Earth radically different than from the time of their creation (Adam was miraculously created by God on the face of the Earth in a hillock using its clay and Eve was miraculously created by God in Paradise using a piece from Adam’s body, i.e. a rib). If this sounds crazy to you just read some of my previous articles especially the one on the Future Return of Enoch and Elias. The arrival of Enoch and Elias will validate my interpretation.

In any case the sacred author shifts his focus to the female descendants of Adam and Eve: the daughters. These daughters are set in distinction by the sacred author because they were seduced and possessed by fallen angels. In fact they were the first descendants of Adam and Eve to be possessed by demons. It is well documented that demonic possession has occurred throughout history and occurs to this day. And of course Jesus cast out demons from many during his public ministry.

Genesis 6:2

the sons of God saw that the daughters of Man were beautiful. And so they took to themselves women of all whom they had chosen.

In this ancient Script the expression ‘sons of God’ refers to angels, specifically a band of fallen angels who were extradited to a particular region of the Earth around the modern day Black Sea. This expression ‘sons of God’ is also used three times in the Book of Job to refer to the angels whether holy or fallen:

Job 1:6--Now the day came when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD – and Satan also arrived among them.
Job 2:1--Again the day came when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also arrived among them to present himself before the LORD.
Job 38:7--​​​​​​when the morning stars sang in chorus, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? [in this verse God describes to Job the formation of the Earth which is an old evolved star. Only the holy angels were there to see Earth's foundation]

In this ancient Genesis script 'sons of God' refers to a band of fallen angels. They are set in contrast to the daughters of Man, the female descendants of Adam. It is important to establish this if we are to make sense of the rest of this passage. Now let’s take a look at what Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich has to say:

I have frequently seen that, when the angels fell, a certain number had a moment of repentance and did not in consequence fall as low as the others. Later on, these fallen spirits took up their abode on a high, desolate, and wholly inaccessible mountain whose site at the time of the Deluge became a sea, the Black Sea, I think. 
They were permitted to exercise their evil influence upon men in proportion as the latter strayed further from God. After the Deluge they disappeared from that region, and were confined to the air. They will not be cast into Hell before the last day. 
I saw Cain's descendants becoming more and more godless and sensual. They settled further and further up that mountain ridge where were the fallen spirits. Those spirits took possession of many of the women, ruled them completely, and taught them all Sorts of seductive arts. Their children were very large. They possessed a quickness, an aptitude for everything, and they gave themselves up entirely to the wicked spirits as their instruments. And so arose on this mountain and spread far around, a wicked race which by violence and seduction sought to entangle Seth's posterity likewise in their own corrupt ways. Then God declared to Noah His intention to send the Deluge. During the building of the ark, Noah had to suffer terribly from those people. (from Mysteries of the Old Testament)

Thank you Blessed Anne. This makes manifest the entire Genesis 6:1-8 sequence. Some angels fell before Adam and Eve were created. As a punishment some were sent to Hell but others were confined the Earth. Cain’s descendants became evil to the point where some of their woman were possessed by a particular band of fallen angels situated at a mountain which would subsequently be toppled and covered by the Black Sea in the event of the Flood.

Blessed Anne also clarifies the possession of these woman:

The women that first allowed themselves to be ruled by evil spirits [fallen angels] were fully conscious of the fact, though others were ignorant of it. 

So in other words these women of Cain consented to the possession [subjugation] of the fallen angels and they became as if wed together in evil.  And others were ignorant but likely brought into the possession through demonic deception.  However these women were not literally wed to the fallen angels. They still had sexual relations with other men descended from Adam and Eve. Why some Bible translations render these verses as "sons of God taking for themselves wives" is beyond me. The Hebrew Bible uses the general term ishshah, to refer to the possessed women.  Ishshah is a Hebrew word which has a broad application pending the context. The word could refer to woman or wife or perhaps even adulteress. This context is clear. The fallen angels (sons of God) took possession of the women (female descendants of Adam via Cain). But the fallen angels did not get bloody married to these women and have sexual relations with them!!!  It is this interpretative balancing act that no one seems to conceive out from the Script.

Genesis 6:3  

So the LORD said, “My spirit will not remain in Man indefinitely, they are mortal. They will remain for 120 more cycles.”

This quote taken from the Lord as well as the one below in verse seven are excerpts of the Lord’s first interior communications to Noah! I assume that whoever wrote this little ancient narrative of the Sacred Script was a close relation to Noah. Noah probably eventually disclosed to his family what the Lord had told him and these two quotes of the Lord were kept recorded for posterity (us!).

Here God reveals to Noah how long until he will end the lives of Man, the descendants of Adam. Notice how I have the Hebrew word shanah translated not as years, but as cycles. I have already written at least three articles why I have this interpreted as cycles as well as my assumed scalar quantity for the cycles before the Flood:  a cycle of three new moons or a set of twelve sevens. See my previous article in the Noah series or my previous article on How Long Did Adam Live? from last year. According to my calculations 120 Hebrew shanah refers to about 28 solar/sidereal years.

From the time Noah was first instructed about the destruction of Mankind, the Flood, etc. he had about 28 years to build the Ark. And it is interesting to note that according to Blessed Anne Noah did not begin building the Ark at once. He kept on hoping that God would relent and change His plan. Once he began the project, Noah would even discontinue building for years at a time all in hope that God would avert His plan. But God kept on warning Him to finish. And by the way Noah hired people to help him build the Ark. He did not do it all alone.

Genesis 6:4

Giants were on the Earth in those days and even afterwards when sons of God entered daughters of Man and they gave birth to their children. These were the might ones of old, the famous men.

The descendant of Cain, named Tubalcain was the first father of the so called Giants. Now one can blow this verse out of proportion however one wants to but these giants were a little denser and taller in stature and had all sorts of extraordinary skills induced by fallen angels. The sons of God did not enter into the daughters of Man as a in a euphemism for sexual relations. Rather they possessed daughters of Man related by way of Cain. When they were possessed they still had sexual relations with men of their tribes and gave birth to these children who grew to become Giants.  This interpretation avoids the ridiculous claim that the woman had sexual relations with cultic male prostitutes.  It was much worse that.  The women still had relations with other men of their tribe only they were possessed and this influenced their offspring.  The men could have also been influenced by fallen angels or possessed, but the focus of the Sacred Text is on the women.  These women were the forbears of even worse goddess type woman who lived after the Flood and were related to none other than Nimrod.

But offspring who were to become Giants 
also willingly gave themselves up to the fallen angels and became instruments of evil. So this situation at the Caucasus was one endless circle of severe evils. And its consequences spread throughout the Earth to almost all the children of Adam and Eve which by that time would have been fairly numerous.

The Giants are called mighty and famous because they could accomplish all sorts of crazy demonic feats.  And they used their arts to murder, pillage, and rape.     

Genesis 6:5-6

But the LORD saw that the wickedness of Man had become great on the Earth. Every inclination of the thoughts of their minds was only evil all the time. And the Lord regretted that he had made Man on the Earth, and he was highly offended.

Here is a sampling of the type of evils ranging from the ridiculous to severely abominable happening before the Flood according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich:

They sought their gods in the creatures around them. I have seen them scratch up a stone, form it into an extravagant image, and then adore it.

They worshipped also a frightful animal and all kinds of ignoble things. [just like us worshiping all types of figurative idols including concepts] 
I saw them sacrificing children by burying them alive in the earth. [similar to abortion] 
There were frightful deeds upon the earth in those days. Men delivered themselves up to all kinds of wickedness, even the most unnatural. They plundered one another and carried off whatever suited them best, they laid waste homes and fields, they kidnapped women and maidens. In proportion to their increase in numbers, was the wickedness of Noah's posterity. They even robbed and insulted Noah himself. They had not fallen into this state of base degradation from want of civilization. They were not wild and barbarous; rather, they lived commodiously and had well ordered households - but they were deeply imbued with wickedness.  [just like us.  We are civilized sinners.] 
They practiced the most shameful idolatry, everyone making his own god of whatever pleased him best. By diabolical arts, they sought to seduce Noahs immediate family. Mosoch, the son of Japheth and grandson of Noah, was thus corrupted after he had, while working in the field, taken from them a poisonous beverage which intoxicated him [like the various illegal drugs of our day]. (all above quotes taken from Mysteries of the Old Testament courtesy of the visions of Blessed Anne who IMHO should be declared a Saint of the Roman Catholic Church).   

So from this sampling you see that those were evil times before the Flood. The times before the Flood remind me of our days of the 21st century. As far as I am concerned these times are just like the times of Noah before the Flood. In statement of fact our days are worse than what it was before the Flood for they had no opportunity to butcher billions of innocents via abortion. And here we have godless fools whining and crying about the ‘dark passages’ of Sacred Scripture and how mean God is. Are they kidding me??? These people had it coming and so do we. What does anyone think that God is just going to let all these evils happen forever????

In any case even the man who does not think God exists and lives by cold hard reason alone knows that we are at the threshold of the end. We are on the brink of extinction. Only a miracle can save this worn out and sordid excuse for Mankind. But fortunately we live in a time of Mercy and God freely offers forgiveness through Christ Jesus. And we can still change. And I am not denying that there are still many good people on Earth and many good deeds.  But the severity of evil practiced on this Earth needs a radical solution that can only be resolved by a Miracle of God or a series of Miracles.

All will be well in the end but we will begin to pass through the gauntlet any day, month or year now. We have been very unwise and selfish with each other. And God is a God of justice. He will destroy and save. He will defy all our plans and make all things new.

Genesis 6:7

So the LORD said, “I will wipe humankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth – everything from humankind to animals, including creatures that move on the ground and birds of the air, for I regret that I have made them.”

This is an quote taken from the mystical communication given by God to Noah.

Genesis 6:8

But Noah found favor in the sight of the LORD.

Noah, of course was an elect, noble, and exalted ancient patriarch. Noah was an Old Testament Saint. His great grandfather was another Saint and Prophet, Enoch who is awaiting his future mission at Paradise.

So ends this little sequence of the Sacred Script. It appears that a new segment perhaps written by someone else begins with verse 9 so I will end here.

Stellar Transformation Hypothesis by Abruzzo

I seemed to have accidentally deleted my endorsement of Stellar Transformation Hypothesis. A few years ago a philosophy major out of New York by the name of Anthony J. Abruzzo comes up with the stunning fundamental assumption that planets are the end products not the byproducts of stellar evolution. In other words stars naturally evolve into planets. Planet Earth and all the planets of our system and of all systems are old stars. This assumption is rational and consistent with observation, ESPECIALLY in light of all the new Kepler data of the exoplanets.  The Nebular Hypothesis is IMHO dead.  It is a irrational bloated hypothesis.  But the planetary scientists have put a lot of work into that artifice.  So it will die a slow death.

Here is the link to his series of research papers:

Some quotes from his papers:

From:  Are Planets the End Products Rather than the By-Products of Stellar Evolution?

Article Summary:

This article presents a new hypothetical framework for planet formation that utilizes a transformation rather than a derivation mechanism. Since this transformation mechanism takes a different approach to planet formation, it radically departs from orthodoxy in this field, an orthodoxy whose foundation, in my view, is built on the inherently unstable ground of the  nebular or accretion hypothesis in all of its permutations.

From:  Interpretations of Solar System Phenomena according to the Transformation Hypothesis


A previous paper presented a framework whereby planets can be viewed as end products rather than by-products of stellar evolution. It was pointed out that Descartes first proposed this hypothesis in the 17th century but for reasons also briefly discussed therein, his idea was lost to all but historians of science. Nonetheless, I suggested that the central idea animating Descartes’ planetogony – what is being called the “transformation hypothesis” - holds the key to understanding how planets form. Unlike the nebular or “derivative hypothesis,” as I call it, in all of its permutations, which proposes that planets form from material derived from proto-stars in one process, the transformation hypothesis views individual planets as later stages in the evolution of individual stars. Thus, the transformation hypothesis can be viewed as the natural history of stellar objects as they evolve through various stages. While the purpose of the previous paper was to lay the general groundwork of the transformation hypothesis, this paper will interpret specific phenomena in our own Solar System according to it.

From:  The Formation and Age of the Solar System

In conclusion, it can be stated that the Solar System is as old as the time when the Sun began to acquire planets, since by definition a solar system is a central stellar object that has at least one planet in orbit around it. However, at this time of acquisition, the planet or planets that gave rise to the “system” were already in existence and were not formed in the same process from which the Sun was formed. This condition of preexistence is, in essence, the negation of the derivative hypothesis. It is just as likely as not, that the Sun formed in a region of space that was already populated by non-stellar objects and that some of them, by their relative proximity to the forming Sun, were attracted to it and subsequently captured. But it should be clear that the sequence of capture events and the chaos that must have prevailed during each of these events cannot be determined with any degree of rigor at this time. Inventing a capture event scheme now would amount to sheer guesswork. Nonetheless, as our knowledge of the Solar System continues to grow, the time may come when the delineation of such a scheme will become possible with some degree of certainty.

From:  Brown Dwarf Stars – The “Missing Link”


It is hoped that the foregoing analysis has provided the reader with an insight into the confusion that currently exists in conventional stellar and planet formation theories. The misapplication of the “missing link” concept demonstrates that the line separating stellar objects from planetary objects is no longer clear. But, hampered by their adherence to outdated notions regarding the evolution of stars and planets, conventional theorists will continue to stumble over the mounting anomalous data that observational astronomers are dropping in their path. On the other hand, the missing link concept makes perfect sense within the context of the transformation hypothesis. The brown dwarf object is but one link in an evolutionary chain that extends from the hottest and heaviest stars to the coolest and lightest spherical dwarf planets.

From:  The Transformation of Gas Giant Planets into Rocky Planets


This is the fifth in a series of papers whose purpose has been to introduce and explore the implications of the transformation hypothesis. In brief, the transformation hypothesis views planets as the end products rather than the by-products of stellar evolution. Put more simply, stars evolve into planets.  Although the subject of this paper has already been touched upon in the previous papers, its purpose is to examine further the processes that transform gas giant planets into rocky planets and highlight an external mechanism to which some gas giants are subjected that accelerates this transformation process.

From:  The Planet Migration Hypothesis - Saving the Paradigm


While the observed resonances existing amongst the various bodies in the Solar System, with one or two exceptions, are empirically verifiable, there is no theoretical justification to use them as the foundation upon which a “new and improved” derivative hypothesis can be erected. And, since the resonances, at least those obtaining with respect to the gas and ice giants, stand on the shaky footing of the planetesimal mechanism, for which there is no empirical evidence, the planet migration hypothesis reveals itself as merely another “epicycle” whose sole purpose is to save the appearances, which, in this case, is how the nebular or derivative hypothesis adequately accounts for the Solar System’s formation and current constitution.

Indeed, some of the more candid researchers in this field view their work as nothing more than imaginative exercises that seek to account for some elements of the Solar System’s initial formation and further evolution to its present overall configuration. In fact, one particular research team that has done work on the formation and migrations of the gas and ice giant planets actually includes “Fairy Tale” in the title of one of its papers.  In the introduction to this paper, the team unabashedly observes, “Our model…contains elements that are probably wrong in detail. However, large portions of it may be correct and it illustrates the lengths to which we must go in order to understand the formation of these planets.”  Implicit in this statement is the team’s adherence to the underlying paradigm of the planetesimal-type derivative hypothesis.

In general, the planetesimal version of the derivative hypothesis is the unquestioned premise from which all of the planet migration hypotheses spring. It is obvious that without the formation of these small, solid bodies from the dust and gas of the primordial disk surrounding the proto-Sun, not only would no planet migrations have occurred, but also no planets would have formed. The entire edifice is based on the presumed existence of planetesimals.  And, it is so firmly entrenched as a premise beyond dispute that a perusal of the relevant literature will yield a diversity of opinions bearing on the possible mechanisms operative during the planetesimal formation process itself.

However, no amount of patching and tinkering can save this paradigm from its inherent flaws. Nonetheless, one wonders to what lengths the advocates of the derivativehypothesis would go to save appearances if an Earth-like planet were discovered orbiting the Sun in the far reaches of the Kuiper Belt or further out in the scattered disk? Such a discovery – certainly within the realm of possibility – would surely result in the production of new and “enhanced” computer-simulated “fairy tales” seeking to explain why and how such a large object could exist so far from the Sun, within the context of the planetesimal paradigm.

Summing up, it is clear that the planet migration hypothesis fails as a building element in the Solar System’s “final” architecture because it is incorporated into the derivative hypothesis, which views the Solar System as having formed from one unitary evolutionary process. The transformation hypothesis, on the other hand, views the Solar “System” as essentially a work in progress, wherein the architecture is continually subject to change. Sometimes these changes are gradual and virtually unnoticeable, while at other times, they are abrupt and “catastrophic.” Conventional planetology will remain trapped in its theoretical dead end until this reality is grasped and accepted.

From:  The Origins of the Nebular Hypothesis - Or the Genesis of a Theoretical Cul-de-sac

Although the nebular hypothesis has risen to a paradigmatic status within the corpus of the conventional astrophysical sciences, it is still just a hypothesis. And, as such, it is subject to eventual supersession, as are all outmoded hypotheses, if it cannot support the incorporation of new data that proves inconsistent or “anomalous,” in the Kuhnian sense, with its theoretical architecture. In previous papers, I have endeavored to present these inconsistencies, as they relate to both established facts about the Solar System and new facts about it and exo-solar systems, and reinterpret them within the framework of the transformation hypothesis.

This paper will examine the origins of the nebular hypothesis. It is generally believed that the nebular hypothesis was developed during The Enlightenment, but its roots can be traced back to a few Renaissance thinkers and ultimately to the speculations of several ancient Greek philosophers. It is hoped that the historical sketch to follow will help to shed light for the reader on how the nebular hypothesis has become so firmly entrenched in contemporary science even though its central conception has no bearing on the formation of solar systems.

However, it will not examine the several varieties of catastrophic hypotheses for the Solar System’s formation that have been promulgated over the past two and a half centuries, whose lineage can be traced back to 1745, in the work of Buffon. Nonetheless, as was pointed out in the first paper of this series, these catastrophic hypotheses are classified as “derivative” hypotheses in the sense that the material from which the planets are formed comes from the debris that is blasted from the Sun, either by another passing star or a very big comet after a collision or interaction has occurred.

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Some Notes on Robert Grosseteste

As a warm-up to my upcoming articles on the fundamental entity of physics, neutrons, and neutrinos I decided to parse a little of the medieval thinker Robert Grosseteste. He was an Englishman and a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. He wrote a treatise 'On Light', did work in optics, wrote other little treatises on physics. He was very much preoccupied with light. His thought was unique in that it split from the stodgy Aristotelianism of the day. In spite of the impoverishment of his mind due to his time some of his ideas are interesting. Grosseteste seems to have gotten close to conceiving the fundamental physical entity out from light (though not it's shape)

Here is the first line of his work called De Luce:

Formam primam corporalem quam corporeitatem nominant lucem esse arbitror 
The first corporeal form which some call corporeity is in my opinion light

He was close and onto something. Unfortunately I parsed through most of his works and he failed to define his key terms and really develop his fundamental notion in terms of physics. In any case he had some neat ideas and these are encapsulated in an Introduction written by a translator of his works named Clare C. Riedl. Here are my notes from her.  I highlighted in bold what I thought was important:

For an understanding of the treatise On Light it will be necessary to consider some of the characteristics of Grosseteste's doctrine of matter and form, although his terminology is Aristotelian, the ideas which he expresses in that terminology are often decidedly un-Aristotelian in content. The chief point of divergence is that for Grosseteste matter is not pure potency, as it was for Aristotle, but possesses in its own right a certain minimal reality. Thus Grosseteste speaks of matter as a substance, 'Both corporeity and matter are in themseIves simple substances.'; 
'It is clear that every higher body, in virtue of the light which proceeds from it, is the form (species) and perfection of the body that comes after it.' In connection with this theory of interaction in virtue of which 'in a sense each thing contains all other things', it is interesting to note the dynamic aspect which Grosseteste assigns to form. Form, that is to say, the first corporeal form, or light, is in his view more than the 'form of corporeity,' the principle of extension, it is also a principle of activity. Every body, he believes, has a motion or activity which is natural to it, because it proceeds from an intrinsic principle. The intrinsic principle from which this motion or activity proceeds must be the form . . . 
The subject matter of the treatise is indicated in brief in its opening sentence, where Grosseteste sets forth his thesis that light is 'the first corporeal form.' The remainder of the treatise is occupied with explanation and attempted proof of this proposition together with a detailed analysis of the process by which this first corporeal form united with primordial matter to produce the material universe.
Grosseteste bases his 'light metaphysics' on the consideration of the properties of light and of the nature of material substance. He finds as a characteristic note of corporeity the requirement of extension, 'the extension of matter in three dimensions is a necessary concomitant of corporeity.'  
Light furnishes therefore the principle of continuity in nature, for as the first corporeal form it is common to all things in the universe from the lowest of the elements, earth, up to and including even the firmament. Thus 'all things are one by the perfection of one light.' It is also the principle of distinction and multiplicity since the 'things which are many are many through the multiplication of light itself in different degrees.'''

One other interesting I learned from Clare is about the lux/lumen dichotomy in Genesis 1. To quote her:

There seem to be no suitable English words to convey the distinction between lux and lumen. For this reason I have translated both by 'light': indicating parenthetically the Latin word used in each case. The distinction appears to be this: lux is light in its source, whereas lumen is reflected or radiated light. (all above quotes taken from Robert Grosseteste On Light, Introduction Clare C. Riedl)


Friday, February 21, 2014

There are No Physical Laws

In terms of physics:  Are there any rules/laws of the Universe?

I often see people stating that gravity is a law, e.g. Hawking:

“Because there is a law like gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.”

It is a shame that any physicist would call gravity a law.  Gravity resolves to a dynamic concept or a universal phenomena continuously consummated between all atoms via objective mediators physically connecting all atoms. Gravity is not a law. Gravity is our idea of what atoms and physical mediators DO.

And laws or concepts do not impart causal actions or undergo change effects.  Only objects, such as atoms or mediators, can impart causal relations or undergo change effects to collectively consummate gravity.
But seriously are there physical laws written into matter?

I don't think so. This is an artificial construct of the brain. Physical laws are conceptual tools legislated by the scientific community. These guys think they are anointed and want to put their name in front of a physical law.

But atoms and EM Ropes connecting atoms do not recognize laws. They exist. Atoms just keep on pumping: giving EM links (when contracting) to all atoms and receiving EM links (when expanding) from all atoms (this is the physical interpretation of the c squared concept).

When an atom is excited and pumps at a quicker rate the frequency increases and what happens is that on average more EM thread becomes available between atoms. The atom is giving more than it is receiving. And this excited state disrupts atoms nearby.

There is no in between to the continuous atomic jumping, i.e. expansion and contraction.  Essentially all atoms do is continuously pump, perhaps in phase, giving EM links to all atoms and receiving EM links from all atoms.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Crothers: On Einstein's Field Equations & Big Bang/Black Hole Contradictions

Gaede and Crothers met last year and put together what will be classics.  

Crothers dismantles Einstein's Field Equations along with Big-Bang and Black Hole models using one or two sheets of paper while Gaede videotapes over his shoulder:

BH contradicts BB Part I

BH contradicts BB Part II

In this third video Gaede does a little introduction and Crothers enters to dismantle Einstein's Field Equations using a single sheet of paper with Gaede videotaping over his shoulder.  

This is excellent work done by Crothers and Gaede.  Crothers has done a great service here, but fortunately one need not even dwell too much on the equations since the assumptions and explanations inferred from these equations completely fail at the conceptual level.  They do not stand before critical thinking and rational analysis.  And this is really what these videos are all about.

We are in an interpretive war.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Dazzling Proton!


For visual aids please use my article from a couple of days ago:

A History of the Proton in Pictures

The Proton is not made of three discrete quarks held together by gluons. Nor were protons formed in the mythical Big-Bang, a supposed event that never occurred.

After a series of experiments and meditations Rutherford gave the name proton to a hydrogen nucleus.  To the Royal Association he described that "the atom is the seat of an intense electric field".  Of course the mystical catch-all word 'field' refers to a concept. Concepts are an embodiment of the brain: relating two or more objects. Rutherford never assumed a fundamental fine physical 3D entity which aggregate would constitute the proton.  And since Rutherford all they, the mainstream establishment, have assumed is a hierarchy of discrete particles that somehow mediate a mystical force magically holding the proton together. In the early 1900s they were making great insights but they failed to suppose a fundamental physical entity and use that entity to make a unified model of the atom, light, gravity, electricity and magnetism. Soon they got lost in ideas/ideology and started to move ideas in their description of phenomenon.  And then came the particle accelerators.  
In EM Rope Hypothesis & Thread Theory a 'free proton' is synonymous with a hydrogen atom since it is impossible to separate the proton from its weave of magnetic threads arcing out at the atomic perimeter and ultimately twisting straight taut light rays (EM Ropes) extending to all atoms of the Universe. You would literally have to unwind all the stars and galaxies and all atoms to destroy a proton. This of course is impossible.  It is impossible to disintegrate a free proton (e.g. hypothetical proton decay). It would be easier to create something from nothing than for a proton to naturally form or disintegrate.  

The proton is comprised of a converging crisscross of Electric Threads originating from all atoms of the Universe.  Some comparisons of the proton would be a koosh ball, an urchin like entity, a star pattern.  The Electric Threads comprising the proton are all in microcosmic tension due to the vibration and constant 'jumping' of all atoms---torquing signals to all atoms (the C squared concept) via the continuous EM Ropes interconnecting all atoms. This powerful tension of gazillions of crisscrossing Electric Threads making up the kernel of the atom is what the mainstream calls strong interaction or strong force (residual strong force is the triple twined physical configuration of a neutron bound to a proton).

Protons are the ultimate physical structures: built to last forever. And they are beautiful.  They are everything a rational human would expect.  And it is impossible to calculate the age of a proton. One cannot trace a supposed beginning or end of protons since they are literally linked to all the atoms of the Universe.      

In certain circumstances a hydrogen atom can convert to a neutron which would include the transformation of the proton into crisscrossing convergence of EM Ropes (a neutron) as in the example of so called 'electron capture' or 'inverse beta decay'. In electron capture perhaps high frequency torsion signals mediated by the intrinsically connected EM Ropes induce what is essentially a misshapen Hydrogen atom fused to the side of a complex atomic shell configuration, to collapse into a crisscross of EM Ropes (a neutron)---through which torsion signals immediately propagate in all directions to all stars and galaxies along the same continuous EM Ropes connecting all the atoms of the Universe. These twisting light signals conveyed along the EM Ropes are the neutrino ghosts that the established scientific community are spending billions to detect. Neutrinos are twisting light signals linked to decay, fusion, fission and compression events.

Because the proton is not a fundamental particle, it possesses a physical size—although this is not perfectly well-defined since the surface of a proton is somewhat fuzzy, due to being defined by the influence of forces that do not come to an abrupt end. The proton is about 1.6–1.7 fm in diameter. (Wikipedia)

The proton is comprised of Electric Threads converging from all atoms thus it is not the fundamental entity. The Thread weaving all protons and all atoms and configured as EM Rope in between IS the fundamental continuous object.  The Thread physically underlies the entire set of objects in existence.  The Thread is non-composite. The Thread cannot be cut to pieces since it is the finest entity which cannot be broken down, but by some supernatural miracle.

The Electric Threads constituting the proton can bend in the event of a super fast collision, but they cannot break.  So in a proton-proton collision protons may recoil a bit (and perhaps release a neutron) but they do not and cannot break or even stretch.  The Thread is non-composite.  It is unable to be broken down. This may be why these continuous objects can superimpose at the micro-level. But the Threads do not break into pieces or much less explode in a creative sea of particles as is assumed in the ridiculous particle physics and quantum mechanics.  

Within the confines of an atom, Electric Threads extend to the center in a crisscross pattern to form the proton. Electric Thread density increases as one approaches the center of the atom. This explains why at some small region near the atom, it becomes impenetrable and protons can directly collide with one another. The Proton's surface is fuzzy and not perfectly defined due to the asymmetrical arrangement of all the stars and galaxies contributing E threads to an intersection that is the proton's structure. The Electric Threads mingle and perhaps some superpose so as to become a single entity yet all the Threads, I assume, remain distinct and serve as axles of atomic motion.  Since the Electric Threads 'extend' in all directions to all the atoms of the Universe, an atom can move in any direction in accord with constant atomic quantum jumping and vibration however these directions are always straight/rectilinear!!!  Curved trajectories are a conceptual illusion of the mind.   

Scientists are having difficulty measuring the proton since their method is to pass light signals through the nucleus. But the extraneous light rays may be oscillating around single bare Electric Threads of the protons and on their way to other atoms where they bifurcate to contribute to a new atomic structure.  Thus the quantum mechanics have nightmares trying to measure these elusive entities.  

Does the Proton have charge? Charge refers to a concept: a relation between two or more objects. In EM & TT charge refers to the rubbing of two or more threads usually at 90 degree angles. The Electric Threads of the Proton rub together in atomic motion. Perhaps the spin of a proton refers to the constant realignment of Electric Threads in the unending motion of all the H atoms (and atomic elements), stars and galaxies of the Universe.  However the proton does not spin or rotate about its axis like a planet because it is obviously not a discrete bead.  

A Hydrogen ion is a proton with an expanded shell of arcing Magnetic Threads.  Ionization of the H atom could be induced in several ways but that is not the topic here.  

The Sun constantly sheds hydrogen atoms. The movement of these atoms in relation to the Earth and planets is called Solar Wind. The electron shells of these hydrogen atoms may be loosened in relation to their protons due to magnetism. The H atoms are released from their alignment in magnets on the solar surface thus their Magnetic Threads are already loosened and sweeping out in great arcs leaving the proton seemingly bare. This confuses the scientists.  T
hey think that free protons exist where the electric shells of these protons are inherently weaved to the E threads only they sweep out in great arcs.  Exposure to an intersection of E threads (i.e. proton) is dangerous to tissue. The Electric Threads of the exposed proton rip through biochemical compounds.  Fortunately the great arcs of Magnetic Threads originating from the Earth sweep out and deflect these Hydrogen ions. 

We are not made of stardust, essentially our bodies and all bodies comprised of two or more atoms are made of tense converging intersections of bifurcated Light Rays (EM Ropes) called protons and electron shells. Another type of converging intersection of light rays where the EM Ropes do not fork out to form the atoms are neutrons.  EM Ropes crisscross on their way from atoms and meet somewhere.  A neutron is a crisscrossing convergence of EM Ropes.  Sometimes, the bundle of EM Ropes that are Neutrons get caught in the web of the bare electric threads of Protons.  And Neutrons remain grounded in the atom via an exclusive triple twined architecture only possible within the confines of an electron shell.  Some EM Ropes of the Neutron oscillate around bare Electrical Cables of the Proton.


* (please note that Light Rays and the supposed EM Ropes are synonymous in this article.  Light Rays is the affectionate name for Gaede's EM Ropes.)

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Solution to Schrodinger's Equation

"Where did we get that (equation) from? Nowhere. It is not possible to derive it from anything you know. It came out of the mind of Schrödinger." ---Richard Feynman

Today I dusted the physics shelf at the local university. Read a physics text from the 70s. The author unwittingly proposed a twined configuration to solve the wavefunction part of Schrodinger's steady-state equation for 3D. Of course he failed to realize the implications. Thank God we have brilliant physics professors who write shelves full of books!!!

Excerpt from Modern Concepts in Physics by Beiser

In general, Schrodinger’s steady state equation can be solved only for certain values of the energy E. What is meant by this statement has nothing to do with any mathematical difficulties that may be present, but is something much more fundamental. To “solve” Schrodinger’s equation for a given system means to obtain a wave function that not only obeys the equation and whatever boundary conditions there are, but also fulfills the requirements for an acceptable wave function---namely, that it and its derivatives be continuous, finite, and single-valued. If there is no such wave function, the system cannot exist in a steady state. Thus energy quantization appears in wave mechanics as a natural element of the theory, and energy quantization in the physical world is revealed as a universal phenomenon characteristic of all stable systems. 
A familiar and quite close analogy to the manner in which energy quantization occurs in solutions of Schrodinger’s equation is with standing wave in a stretched string of length L that is fixed at both ends. Here, instead of a single wave propagating indefinitely in one direction, waves are traveling in both the + x and –x directions [bidirectional, diametrical] simultaneously subject to the condition that the displacement y always be zero at both ends of the string [Mossbauer's recoilless emission]. An acceptable function y(x,t) for the displacement must, with its derivatives, obey the same requirements of continuity, finiteness, and single-valuedness as sigma and, in addition, must be real since y represents a directly measurable quantity. (p. 147, 148)

Beiser says "familiar and close analogy" because his supposition is that the mediator of light is a discrete force-carrying particle-wave. How discrete particles wave is beyond me.  And what connects all these discrete particles???  Mystical forces???  Physics is not theology or an episode of ghost hunters. Do bullets bloody wave? Do particles perform miracles like carry force (push, pull)???  

Here is a copy of his figure. I filled in the dots for him.  He had one of the 'strings' dotted!!!

A rope like configuration is the only real 'solution' to this part of Schrodinger's equation. Only a twined configuration can meet the required prediction of a standing wave in stationary state.

Now suppose that this continuous and finite twined entity represents the architecture of light. Suppose that in reality it is comprised of an Electric Thread and a Magnetic Thread through which all the Hydrogen atoms of the Universe are connected, and not only that, suppose that gazillions of these configurations converge and bifurcate to form the Hydrogen atoms and all heavier elements produced from hydrogen. Suppose that when all the atoms quantum jump they torque various light signals, to and from each other via these rope like entities (each twist signal represents Schrodinger's energy quanta). Suppose also that the constant torquing creates tension throughout the network and that this taut rope like entity mediates gravitational attraction. Well then particle physics, quantum mechanics, General and Special Relativity, Big-Bang, Strings, etc. would all be in vain.

And that is the long and short of it.  The followers of these disciplines have esoteric equations, billion dollar labs/toys, a host of measurements, power, influence, etc.  but they cannot make manifest to you the architecture and mechanics of light or what causes an apple to fall to the ground, or what neutrinos are, or how magnets attract and repel, etc.