Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not math, but visualization is the language of Science

New video from Mike Huttner.

This is an excellent video. Mike makes a brilliant rational analysis to find the root of knowledge, understanding and perhaps even wisdom from a natural point of view.

Visualization is supreme in intellectual life. Our brains continually visualize. And without objects there is no seeing or understanding.

And not only in science but even in religion. From a religious viewpoint even God respects and uses our ability to visualize. I believe God stimulates visualization, especially in say the elect prophets. We have visionaries, like Isaiah in ancient times and Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich in more modern times. "Vision of the valley", "tell the vision to no one" "I saw this", "I had a vision" etc. God makes movies in the brain of the visionaries. And of course there are also false and evil visionaries.

But vision is a key concept in the Bible and in the Judeo-Christian religion and I hope it is not completely lost in Roman Catholic Faith. This is a prime way in which God communicates and helps us to understand or to know. According to Blessed Anne, some ancients Jews even taught that Adam and Eve had some mode of primitive vision stimulated by God which they lost when they sinned. When I pray to Jesus or Mary, I am in some manner visualizing them.

Religion aside, visualizing is of paramount importance in science. Think of Watson and Crick visualizing DNA as a double helix.

We also need to visualize the atom and that fundamental entity that underlies all atoms and enables it to initiate and perpetuate light and electron phenomenon. This is the very core and heart of physics.

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