Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Monoculture: use of land for growing one type of crop which results in desertification and disruption of a local ecosystem. Monoculture is a secret destroyer of not only the soil, native plants and animals, but also of human civilizations.

Geoff Lawton, a master of permaculture has an inspired three minute video teaching about monoculture:

Today, monoculture, specifically corn monoculture spreading across the landmasses is a perfect set up for a world wide famine. What else can I possibly say?

And monoculture is not only prevalent in agriculture but also in the sterilized societal relations imposed on us by bank, state, and corporation, the same of which most freely hold onto it. Cultural diversity, uniqueness, symbiotic human relationships, niche creativity, original thinking, small farms, fine arts, artisanship, unbiased and unconventional education, decentralization, independence, and so on are discouraged and ultimately crushed. The human spirit dies like the soil beneath the cloned corn terraformer bathed in toxic sludge. . .  Monoculture forever. . .

Agricultural monoculture is a powerful symbol and reflection of our human spirit in our age.  

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