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Celestial Mechanics

Below I have some illustrations of celestial mechanics using EM Rope Hypothesis and Thread Theory of gravity. Instead of showing math equations these pictures provide a simplified model of the physical Form underlying what may be happening between Sun and planets of our system.

The fundamental assumption is that all the atoms of the Universe are connected by a continuous double helical thread like entities called EM Ropes (an 'electric' thread intertwining with a 'magnetic' thread. One could also simply call the EM Rope a ray, as in ray of light.  Its an object assumed to exist.  At the atoms the EM Rope bifurcate to form the proton koosh balls and an accompanying set of double helical electron threads that superpose with the EM Ropes, thus consummating light phenomenon.  

Every single atom of the Sun is connected to every single atom of the Earth and vice versa via an Electromagnetic rope. We suppose EM Ropes connecting all atoms mediate light and gravity.  In this theory it is important to distinguish between tension and attraction. EM Ropes are massless, but tense due to constant torquing (C squared) of the atoms.  Electron threads emanating from the proton overlap with the EM Ropes and torque them or oscillate them at various frequencies, pending circumstances.  This constant activity, this constant action and reaction of the atoms establishes a bidirectional tension between them:

Tension:  static relation between two or more atoms maintained by their mutual torquing of the EM rope connecting them combined with the unending motion of atoms.

Einstein's interpretation of Mach' Principle:

...inertia originates in a kind of interaction between bodies...

That interaction is light phenomenon between all atoms mediated by the EM Ropes (the C squared concept) but it is NOT attraction.

Tension is also maintained by a single atom's connection to all other atoms of the Universe by way of the go-between EM ropes. Atoms are in incessant motion combined tension of different objects pulling in different directions (opposite attraction: lateral, sideways) which accounts for constant motion, collisions, assembly, dis-assembly, etc. Tension is a predefined static pull between two or more atoms and it is this tension between all pairs of atoms that generates the attraction between two or more objects composed of many atoms for example the Sun and the Earth.

At great distances the EM ropes originating in celestial objects superimpose so that the relation between the two is as if a single atom in tension with a single atom. This corresponds to a weight of about zero.  So you can imagine yourself in relation to all the stars in the Andromeda galaxy.  They weigh nothing in relation to you, and you weigh nothing in relation to them.  Together you and them are in a constant mutual tension, a tug of war.

As distance decreases the relative position of the atoms composing the two celestial objects changes and in effect activates the tension between many pairs of atoms connecting the two celestial objects! The decrease in distance instantaneously 'awakens' the tension between many pairs of atoms originating in the two celestial objects connected by the EM Rope.  So instead of a neutralized tension between all the pairs of atoms composing celestial objects at a great distance many pair of atoms are in tension at lesser distances. Attraction is instantaneous action at a distance (IAAA) since the two celestial objects are inherently connected via the extended EM ropes.  All celestial objects need do is come close to one another in order for the EM ropes to emerge from superimposition so that more pairs of atoms initiate their predefined tension.  It is this awakening of tension between many pairs of atoms cross connecting celestial objects that initiates the ballet of attraction between celestial objects as they move around one another.  As the angles of the EM Ropes connecting these awakened pairs steepens the attraction between two celestial bodies increases.     

Newton used the analogy of a rope in his law of motion.  What he never could imagine is that a taut Electromagnetic rope like entity with unique properties connects all the atoms of the Universe and in certain circumstances generates attraction between two objects composed of many atoms.  Instead Newton gave us equations and his crutch called absolute space. 

I assume that billions of years ago Earth, an old dark star in her galactic rotation swung in close to the Sun in a sideways direction perpendicular to the direction towards the Sun. As she moved closer to the Sun she fell into a predefined inverse square region also called the Bird's Beak region. When celestial objects are great distances apart the EM ropes connecting the two superimpose. However as a necessary result of all atoms interconnection there will always emerge a Bird's Beak region around stars, consistent with Newton's inverse square law. It is in this imaginary Bird's Beak region where many pairs of atoms cross connecting the Sun and the Earth awakened to tension in effect generating the attraction needed for Earth to maintain her gravitational lock around the Sun. And remember all the atoms of the Earth are connected to all the atoms of the Sun. It is also this inherent connection that stops the Earth from 'flying out' of orbit with the Sun. 

The Earth and the Sun separated by light years apart:

As the Earth moved closer to the Sun, EM ropes cross connecting many pairs of atoms of the celestial objects instantaneously established a mutual tension on one another consummating what we sometimes call 'attraction'.  Earth's sideways motion was conserved upon entering the inverse square regime. She swung around the Sun by virtue of the emerged EM ropes, sometimes accelerating when located deeper in relation to the Sun. After she swung around she moved away and angles of the ropes slightly changed. She decelerated a bit and swung back for another pass conserving motion. No friction since space is nothing. Earth's velocity is never great enough to escape the inverse square regime; the number of effective connections between the atoms of the Earth and Sun keep the system working. Some of the atoms cross connecting the Earth to the atoms of the other planets generate a significant mutual tension but the Sun dominates the system since there are many more effective connections between the Sun and each individual planet. 

If there were no physical connection and mechanism via EM ropes 'fanning out' the Earth would just be on its merry way from the Sun. The mechanism of attraction accounts for acceleration and deceleration as well as orbital perturbations originating in passes near other planets. Momentum upon entrance into the inverse square regime helps account for the fact the Earth has not collided with the Sun.  She is always moving outward, radially away from the Sun in spite of the EM Ropes connecting the two have her leashed as she moves closer or further away.  From initiation EM ropes connecting the two celestial objects simply 'fan out' to aphelion and 'fan in' to perihelion. Fan out, fan it, fan out fan in.

Magnetic Threads (or electron threads as I now call them) sweeping out from the Sun and interacting with the Earth (and planets) may also aid the capture and orbit of stars:

Magnetic threads arcing from the atoms of the Sun may aid in capturing old stars (planets).  The sweeping Magnetic threads may play a small role to aid stars to decelerate as they fall into gravitational systems in repulsion or they may aid in the capture of stars through attraction.  They may also help keep the orbits of planets stable.  

But if the Earth fell directly toward the Sun, more and more atoms would awaken to tension via the EM ropes until the Sun and the Earth collided.  But of course stars new and old move around the galactic core at high velocities relative to one another.  

And the Sun's rotational momentum is less then the planets rotational momentum pointing to the idea that all the planets originated beyond the Sun.

Bonus:  In connection to the Genesis 1 Sacred Text.  I believe that God miraculously transformed the surface of the Earth as it rotated between stars orbiting the galactic core. In the fourth rotation of the Earth in this 'light-event' when God stimulated the face of the Earth as if the Star; God seamlessly set the Earth into her system with the Sun and the Moon in her system with the Earth.  And God miraculously arranged the entire solar system using old stars.  The Sacred Text DOES NOT state that God created the Sun and the Moon, ex nihilo, on the fourth day of God stimulating the Earth in the light event.  The Text clearly states that God placed the Sun and the Moon in relation to the Earth with the purpose of lighting up Earth and Sky and for seasons, etc.  God made the Sun and the Moon to light up the new atmosphere for the first time by placing bringing them together in what we would understand as a gravitational lock.  God moved the Sun and the Moon, together with the Earth.  They crossed paths and remained gravitationaly bound.  The Sun is newer than the Earth and the Moon. The Moon, I assume is older than the Earth.  Both the Earth and the Moon are old dark stars that God moved into orbit around the newer star:  Sol.  

Why does day follow after day, and light follow after light, and year follow after year, in accord with the sun? By the knowledge of the Lord, they were arranged, after the sun was made, in keeping with his command. (Sirach 33:7,8)

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