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The Solution to Red Shift

The first corporeal form . . . is in my opinion light.  All things are one by the perfection of one light. (Robert Grosseteste, De Luce) 
... both incline to the opinion, however, that if the red-shift is not due to recessional motion, its explanation will probably involve some quite new physical principles [... and] use of a static Einstein model of the universe, combined with the assumption that the photons emitted by a nebula lose energy on their journey to the observer by some unknown effect, which is linear with distance, and which leads to a decrease in frequency, without appreciable transverse deflection. . . (Edwin Hubble, Two Methods of Investigating the Nature of the Nebular Redshift, Astrophysical Journal, 1935)

Thank you for the introduction Hubble. Indeed it turns out that the solution to redshift is deceptively simple. It was never to be found in a mythical and impossible expansion of this concept called spacetime. It was always hidden within the architecture of the physical mediator of light phenomena. Physicists of the 20th century dropped the ball on light and the electron. They failed to discard irrational assumptions and models so as to brainstorm new ideas and new models of light as well as it's intrinsic relation to the electron. Instead they turned to an exclusive focus on describing the behavior of light and the electron via mathematics. These blunders will be featured in my next article, however in this article let us focus on Redshift.

The Physical Mediator of Light      

Redshift and blueshift is a natural mechanism of the twined DNA like mediators interconnecting all the atoms of the Universe. A fundamental assumption of Thread Theory is that all the atoms of the Universe are connected by Electromagnetic Ropes. These DNA like entities converge and bifurcate to form all the Hydrogen atoms of the Universe which consistent with modern thought fuse or combine to form heavier atomic elements or molecules. These of course serve to build stars, galaxies and us. Here is a simple model of two Hydrogen atoms:

The physical mediator of Light, the EM Ropes, furnishes the principle of continuity in nature, as the first physical form it is common to all things in the Universe from the lowest of the elements to the stars and galaxies. 

EM Ropes converge and fork out to form the electron shell and proton. All atoms are induced to pump like a heart (i.e. Bohr's quantum jumping). As they pump they torque the EM Ropes extending radially to all the atoms of the Universe. The composite friction of the Electric Threads and Magnetic Threads rubbing as the atom pumps is what is detected as charge. Light resolves to a phenomena collectively mediated by all atoms and the torque signals moving rectilinearly along the taut EM Ropes connecting all atoms one to another. All atoms torque signals to and from each other consistent with the c squared concept.  Tension between all EM Ropes is maintained by the continuous torquing of the EM Ropes in quantum jumping (as well as vibration), a motion which is unceasing.  Here is a model of a type of quantum jump:

In between stars and galaxies is a mesh of countless EM Ropes extending to and from the atoms of all galaxies and this constitutes the so called Background Radiation that they have spent billions to measure. Consistent with century old observations, the fine microscopic EM Ropes comprised of the fundamental, non-composite, 3D physical entity (the Thread) are able to converge, superimpose, and pass through another similar unimpeded, without hindrance . . . without destruction to their structure . . . without interruption to their torquing motion . . . without disturbance. This unique property of the EM Ropes, and the Thread has been a stumbling block to many, e.g. the particle physicists.  Even so, it has been recognized by many that light can pass on light. Everyone can confirm this by taking two lasers and passing their rays right through the other. Indeed this is why the EM Ropes DO NOT tangle on their way to and from all atoms.  For appeals to authority both Maxwell and Huygens have recognized this unique property of the physical medium of light:

Maxwell: “ Equation (361) for the electromagnetic field is linear in the field,… this means that two waves can travel through each other without disturbing each other” (J. Maxwell, On Physical Lines of Force, Philosophical Magazine 21 (1861))

Huygens: “ Another property of waves of light, and one of the most marvelous, is that when some of them come from different or even from opposing sides, they produce their effect across one another without any hindrance…the waves do not destroy nor interrupt one another when they cross one another” (C. Huygens, Treatise on Light (1678) trans. S. Thompson (1912) p. 22) 

Please note that both Huygens and Maxwell were stuck in the old assumption of waves.  This assumption has never been dropped to this day even though transverse waves cannot simulate all the static and dynamic properties of light.  A rope like architecture is a standing wave and can simulate all the dynamic and static properties of light with flying colors.  A twirling rope is able to apply pressure to an atom inducing it to pump due to the unique bifurcation architecture of the EM Rope in relation to the atoms. A rope-like configuration can even be used to explain the famed EPR experiment (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) which the quantum mechanics have never been able to offer an even remotely rational explanation for to this day.


Now suppose we have two galaxies separated by a great distance. Every single atom of galaxy A is connected to every single atom of galaxy B by EM Ropes.  Suppose you are in galaxy A looking at galaxy B at night.  Galaxy B appears to you as a dot.  The reason is that over a great distance the EM Ropes connecting all the atoms of the two galaxies converge and superimpose. Light propagates rectilinearly, so light “rays” have no choice but to converge together as they propagate from their source to their target object when the distance between them increases.  Distance is really the length of an EM Rope connecting any two atoms.  

When the atoms of galaxy A and galaxy B are connected at great lengths the links of EM Rope should become longer, i.e. there frequency decreases (in quantum/relativity lingo lose energy) as we move further away from the light source, that is the atoms.  Indeed, as the twisting light signals extend outward from the atoms of galaxy A toward the atoms of galaxy B (or vice versa) the link-lengths (corresponding to frequency and color: see picture below) should 'shift' becoming longer (corresponding to lower frequencies and change of color or redshift).  As signals move further from the ends of the rope, the atoms, and unto the center the links become longer and longer.  All rope entities exhibit this 'unravelling' architecture around their center.    

This mechanism is static: it invokes no momentum or motion or collision because this is what a rope like architecture exhibits at rest!!!  It matters not whether galaxies A & B are moving toward or away from one another and the age of the galaxies is irrelevant. There will always be a central location along EM Ropes of great length where the twisting signals over-extend.  This is because of the architecture of the physical mediator of light which is configured like a rope. This is why all distance galaxies exhibit redshift in relation to others.

As a corollary it stands to reason that the greater the distance, i.e. the greater the length of the EM Ropes connecting that atoms of any two galaxies, the more opportunity there is for the twisting light signals originating in the atoms to 'shift' toward ever longer link-lengths (corresponding to lower frequency and change of color to the left of the EM spectrum).

Now suppose galaxy A and galaxy B are moving away from each other.  The links of EM Rope will simply dynamically redshift, i.e. the same links connecting the two become longer as they move away from their atomic sources.  And when galaxy A and galaxy B move toward one another the atoms will slightly compress the EM ropes in the direction of motion in what they call 'blueshift' (decrease in link-length, increase in frequency, change in color toward right of EM spectrum).  And by the way, some of these ideas were experimentally confirmed by the Harvard Tower Experiment performed by Rebka-Pound.  They simply could not conceive of the correct mediator of light to work Mother Nature's magic tricks. It seems that the scientists gave up on light a long time ago in favor of mystical creation and annihilation of photons and a gooey stretchy spacetime.

an atom of galaxy A is connected to an atom of galaxy B by a single EM Rope

But of course we try to live by critical thinking and rational analysis.  A rope like entity is a rational supposition for the mediator of light and gravity.  A magical photon suddenly appearing or disappearing, to and from nowhere (in gazillions of creation and annihilation events happening at all electrons) and then stretching as a transverse wave due the metric expansion of this mystical concept called space is impossible, not to mention ridiculous.

And so it is.  Redshift is easily explained by EM Rope Hypothesis and Thread Theory.  The underlying mechanisms of Mother Nature are elegant and beautiful just like any sane physicist of the centuries supposed.  The only wonderful and breathtaking mystique is the incomprehensible and inexplicable ability of light rays (EM ropes) to pass through light rays (EM ropes).  I hope to share additional thoughts on this unique behavior of the medium of light in future articles.  Suffice it to say that the fundamental entity is non-composite thus it stands to reason that in this radical microscopic context it would be able to pass through any similar without touching.  EM Ropes are the most durable and wonderful physical entity of the Universe. What else could be responsible for the wonderful work of heat and energy?  

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