Friday, June 20, 2014

Hair according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

I haven't done a religious post in a while. I am still working on my interpretation of Genesis 1:3, etc. which I call the light-event. I also want to do a series of illustrations explaining what I think is the electron. But in the meantime here is a quote from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich from her recorded visions that has always struck me. She is describing Adam and Eve before the Fall:

Their hair fell in five glittering tresses, two from the temples, two behind the ears, and one from the back of the head.
I have always thought that by the Wounds of Jesus, there were opened anew in the human body portals closed by Adams sin. I have been given to understand that Longinus opened in Jesus' Side the gate of regeneration to eternal life, therefore no one entered Heaven while that gate was closed.

The glittering beams on Adams head denoted his abundant fruitfulness, his glory, his connection with other radiations. And all this shining beauty is restored to glorified souls and bodies. Our hair is the ruined, the extinct glory; and as is this hair of ours to rays of light, so is our present flesh to that of Adam before the Fall. The sunbeams around Adam's mouth bore reference to a holy posterity from God, which, had it not been for the Fall, would have been effectuated by the spoken word.

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich should be made a Saint. Like yesterday.

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