Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Half Integer Value of the Spin Quantum Number

Now that I have a new, and what I think is a rational, physical interpretation of the electron, the half integer value of the spin quantum number seems deeply significant. In a fundamental interpretation it could describe the location where EM Rope (considered as a single close looped whole) spins in reverse directions. Links of EM Rope re-twist in reverse and that is the electron.  At these locations, the EM Rope redirects itself, it transforms. Hence the inverse function or inverse work. Without this opposition hydrogen atoms would be impossible. I think mainstream calls this the weak interaction, but they have no object such as Thread or Twined Thread to explain it.  And to be quite frank, light and the electron do not interact since each of these in their context refer to concepts.  At the electron, the fundamental entity, the Thread, twists in reverse directions, and superposes, aligns with the converging EM Rope that imparts form to the proton.  A critical number of these superposing EM Ropes and electron thread is a location where they influence one another.  They turn one another CW or CCW, and this is a primal light event.  I call this Critical Ethereal Thread Anomaly.    

But where two opposite spinning signals along the Twined Thread meet at the proton . . . a single closed looped magnetic thread protrudes outward. Two opposite spinning signals of the Twined Thread equals one of an electron double helix, four two, six three, and so on until we have the unit mass of the hydrogen atom (and not to mention a new source of tension a.k.a inertial mass).  For 2 two EM Ropes there is 1 electron thread.  Or in terms of mainstream, we assign photon a value of 1 and electron a value of 1/2. The Thread itself has no spin value and this they validated in the Higg's Boson project without defining or understanding what they are verifying or validating.  In any case, this would be an alternative way to interpret the half integer value.

When we added the + and – signs then we would be describing the dynamics of a double helical thread in its excited and/or ionized state. A twist of the electron double helix in one direction (+, CW) equals the absorption of two light signals (or reel in of two links) coming from opposite directions along an adjacent EM Rope. So the corresponding electron double helix builds itself upward, winds up. Two twists in one direction equals the absorption of four and so on. The two incoming signals pressing in from both sides could correspond to various wavelength and amplitude of EM Rope thus an electron juts out in different trajectories which seem unpredictable or improbable and this is the origin of Born’s uncertainty principle, but the electron is not literally ‘smeared between two states’. That is sheer nonsense and a failure of the founders of quantum mechanics to imagine light and the electron. If a laser is used to induce a hydrogen atom to excitation or ionization then many double helices may beam out along the same imaginary axis and interfere with each other since many electric axles of the proton could be aligned along the same imaginary axis (note that the assumption is that the hydrogen atom is a crisscrossing convergence of EM Ropes coming from all the atoms of the Universe).

One twist in the opposite direction (-, CCW) equals the emission of two signals (or release of two links) bidirectionally along an EM Rope. So the corresponding electron double helix collapses downward, or winds down.

I’m sure there are other ways to interpret the spin quantum number.  For example the switch between half integer to integer values (1/2, 1, 3/2, etc.) if we multiply s by n where n = 1, 2, 3, etc. could represent the emission and absorption of light signals. In this scheme an integer represents a new link built up in the double helix, a half integer before it represents the absorption signal needed to build up the new link.  When a new link is built up a light emission occurs because a torque is bidirectional motion.    

my rough illustration of an electron double helix (not to scale)

And I now think the whole shell/subshell concept is bunk as is the orbital idea. I think these ideas mislead. The threaded magnetic loops or electron threads that constitute the electron are things that jut out. Heck they blitz out.  A spiked clothing of light around the proton. And the value of the electron ideally equals one because each electric axle of the proton has a threaded double helix structure protruding out from it . . . charging out from it. When they came up with the value of one they didn't realize that the electron in its context refers to a concept. If there are 2 gazillion electric axles of the proton in a single hydrogen atom there are 2 gazillion magnetic loops or double helices protruding out (note: Each threaded double helix has its own EM field and intrinsic magnetic moment because of its structure and rotation). In any case, divide them and you get one. One in my understanding would signify unity, stability, completeness, wholeness, etc.

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